I am nine months pregnant, but no one can say it directly: the view from the side is impressive

A PERSONAL trainer says that no one can tell they are pregnant by looking into their eyes, but her side profile is amazing.

Jordan Edwards has revealed how her body has been turned into an “optical illusion” on TikTok since she was nine months pregnant.


A woman has been turned into an optical illusion because she can easily hide a nine-month pregnancy Credit: TikTok/jordankefitJordan Edwards is a personal trainer


Jordan Edwards is a personal trainer Credit: TikTok/jordankefit

The mom-to-be wore a black baseball cap, orange tank top, and black tights to complete her look.

She recorded herself standing face down in front of the mirror.

She looked great in her pose with toned legs and arms.

But when she turned to the side, Edwards revealed her big belly.

She said she was 36 weeks old at the time of the video recording.

“I guess it’s just an optical illusion,” he wrote.

“It must be the pants!”

After she posted her video, many commented on how surprised they were.

One woman wrote: “I’ve seen it so many times and I still can’t believe it.”

“Meanwhile, here I look pregnant from every angle, even though I’m not,” another shared.

And a third person commented: “I’m watching this for the hundredth time and I’m still in shock.”

However, one person cracked the code to his optical illusion.

“Not a transition,” he wrote.

“It’s the position of his hand on his waist.

“He extended his hand halfway and then withdrew it.”

Did you manage to find out that she is pregnant?

Many were surprised at how simple it made it.


Many were surprised at how easy it made it Credit: TikTok/jordankefit

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