Hülya Marquardt Wikipedia, Instagram, Baby, Boutique

Hülya Marquardt Wikipedia, Instagram, Baby, Boutique

Hülya Marquardt Wikipedia, Instagram, Baby, Boutique – A woman who suffered from sepsis and lost both of her legs gave birth to a child and now owns her own business. The couple from Stuttgart, Germany, Hülya Marquardt, 37, and Dennis Marquardt, 36, had their son in May of this year.

Hülya Marquardt Wikipedia, Instagram, Baby, Boutique

Managing a newborn and her own business while losing both of her legs to sepsis

Hülya, the proprietor of a fashion boutique, was born with malformed hands and legs; she underwent 21 procedures in her first six years of life and spent much of her childhood in the hospital.

“The screws the doctors put in to fix my legs poisoned my blood,” the patient said. Hülya clarified. They had to amputate both of my legs above the knees to save my life because it caused infection, leaving me with only short stumps. According to Hülya, her impairment has a variety of effects on her day-to-day activities, and her deformed hands make it challenging for her to grasp anything.

There are some things I need assistance with, and I need a wheelchair to get around, but I frequently crawl, use a skateboard, or a small trolley since it is frequently more convenient, the woman added.

Hülya remarked, “It was scary at first, but I can handle it very well now.” When asked about how her life has changed after having her son, Hülya answered, “It’s changed a lot. Simply put, you get used to doing things differently. Our home isn’t particularly well-equipped, but my father-in-law fashioned me a mattress-filled basket on wheels so I could carry my baby while crawling from one room to the next.

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“I breastfeed exclusively and do diaper changes.” I essentially carry out all of the duties of a mother with limbs, just in a different manner.

Hülya started an Instagram account where she chronicles her life as a disabled lady and new mother. Her account currently has 22.5k followers.

The mother attributes her husband Dennis’s confidence to the fact that he encouraged her to go with him and took lots of pictures throughout their excursions. Hülya claims she frequently receives comments from fans letting her know that her images inspire and motivate them.

She claims to be the ‘only legless boutique owner in Germany’ and frequently shocks her clients by serving them while seated in a wheelchair. Hülya claims that adopting a positive outlook enables her to have the life she desires. I know I act and appear differently from most people, but I’ve never felt that way, she added.

I recall seeing my half-body for the first time in the mirror following the amputations and thinking to myself, “Now I really have to start studying in school to get a good job,” which is exactly what I did. I remained upbeat and constantly looked forward.

I now have a full-time job in addition to being a wife, mother, and owner of a fashion business. Doctors predicted that I would live in a nursing home until I was 18 years old. Since I always thought it was feasible, I believe everything I have accomplished was attainable.

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