Influencer HRH Collection fires back after being trolled over her ‘tacky’ wedding

A popular influencer and YouTube star has lashed out at her critics after she was trolled over her budget wedding and ‘tacky’ reception.

Alex Pierce, best known online by the name of her successful jewellery line HRH Collection, became the target of vicious trolls after she shared photos from her wedding to second husband Jason Locke earlier this week.

The 38-year-old was relentlessly mocked for donning a recycled Zara dress at the reception, which was held in the parking lot of the Hitching Post bar and grill in Buellton, California.

The happy couple had a tent erected in the parking lot of the eatery so they could enjoy their favourite steak with friends and family.

There were minimal decorations at the reception, although each table came with a cherry-scented ashtray candle with ‘Mr & Mrs Locke’ on the front in gothic gangster font.

Guests dined on fresh vegetables, garlic bread, corn quesadillas and other food from the Hitching Post’s menu.

At one point, the lucky groom put on a camouflage Trump/Pence cap.

After the reception, the bride changed into yoga pants and headed to a local casino to gamble with her husband and some of their closest friends.

The ceremony was held at the Bethania Lutheran Church, with Alex wearing a bridal mini-dress with a plunging neckline and short hem.

Despite the small scale of the event, Alex chose to livestream the wedding on Instagram for a $25 fee.

Critics of the popular influencer branded it ‘the tackiest wedding ever’, with many taking to social media to mock her over the location and low budget.

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‘You had a trailer park wedding!’ wrote one, while another tweeted: ‘I just know the reception stank.’

One troll was even cruel enough to create a line of wedding merchandise to mock the nuptials.

Alex responded to the backlash in a 32-minute video this week, explaining she wanted a low-key wedding with her nearest and dearest instead of opting for an extravagant ‘to-do’.

She also said she ‘never knew what love was’ until she met her second husband, and that their wedding day was a celebration of that – which is why they chose their favourite restaurant, Hitching Post, for the reception.

‘Do you think I didn’t know what my wedding was gonna be like? Like, I didn’t plan my wedding?’ she said.

‘I don’t like big to-dos. I’m the least to-do person ever. Because I’m an influencer you expect me, and you think I have money or whatever, you expect me to do these big to-dos.

‘B***h, I could fly to the f**king Maldives with every damn f**king person in my damn family and pay for everyone and not have it impact me at all, you f**king idiot,’ Alex continued.

‘What are you stupid? You guys think I’m poor? This is what’s annoying. Why can’t I do… this wedding is not based on anything other than we love each other and we wanted to do what we like to do. We wanted to keep it casual and mellow.’

Spiralling into a rage, the star went on to say ‘most weddings look like s**t’ unless you spend ‘$500,000 to $1million’ on them.

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‘What, are you gonna go get a banquet room at some stinky f**king hotel? Even at The Waldorf it’s dumb. It’s a banquet room. Last night someone had a f**king meeting in there with some f**king company. It’s lame!’

Alex said she had zero regrets about her wedding, and that she and her groom planned their entire nuptials around being able to eat at the Hitching Post and to go gambling at the nearby casino afterwards.

‘We got married at the Bethania Lutheran Church and it’s an original 1920s, very typical, Lutheran church. Yes, a very plain, very cute, little church, you stupid little pagan f**k.’

Discussing her budget bridal wear, Alex admitted she picked the first wedding dress she tried on and then grabbed an old Zara dress from her closet to wear at the reception.

‘I tried on one wedding dress and I just bought it because I don’t care,’ she said.

‘I thought my wedding dress was f**king beautiful and I wore my mum’s original cap from when she got married in 1983. It was f**king gorgeous.

‘You know what’s funny too? All you little they/thems out there, you little lab rats, are all like environmentalists, but you guys are coming for me about wearing something from my closet.

‘I did exactly what I wanted to do for my wedding and I would do it all exactly over again.’

She finished: ‘I’m happy, I’m in a really loving relationship. I basically have everything I want. I have my own business, a beautiful house, I have a husband.

‘I’m really happy right now and you guys are so vicious and mean. I get it, because you’re miserable and ugly. And you’re a loser, I understand. Life isn’t fair.’

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Alex runs her own popular jewellery brand, HRH Collection.

She’s also a huge star on social media, boasting 350,000 YouTube subscribers and 250,000 TikTok followers.

She often posts lengthy rants against woke culture, political correctness, and fashion trends she finds disgusting, such as beachy waves and designer handbags.

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