How Venom Can Appear In Avengers: Secret Wars

Thank Spider-Man: No Place To Return End credit eggs, venom can finally appear in Avengers: Secret War. Since Tom Holland’s Peter Parker made his MCU debut in 2016, he’s battled many villains Captain America: Civil War, including several members of his scam gallery in Marvel Comics. But of course, not all of Spider-Man’s most iconic villains faced him on the big screen.

One of Spider-Man’s most notorious villains in the Marvel comics is the Venom Symbiote, an alien creature that bonds with a host to survive, granting the user enhanced abilities. Amazing Spider-Man #252but will eventually go on to associate with the likes of Eddie Brock, Mac Gargan and Flash Thompson. Tom Hardy brought Bullock into Sony’s Spider-Man universe in 2018 venom and its 2021 sequel, Venom: CarnageHardy even in Spider-Man: No Place To Returnthis could herald a dangerous future for the MCU’s Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: No Return leaves Venom in the MCU

After Doctor Strange and Peter Parker messed up Spider-Man: No Place To Return Original memory spell, some previous villains Spiderman The franchise has been pulled into the MCU. Alfred Molina, Willem Dafoe, Jamie Foxx, Rhys Ifans and Thomas Haden Church reprise their past roles Spiderman The movie and the ending scene of the Phase 4 movie come with an additional bonus. Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock and Venom in the movie homeless The ending scene, though only for a brief moment before he returns to reality, leaves Spider-Man a bit of a surprise.

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Venom was reluctant to leave the main MCU universe after learning about the MCU’s supernatural beings, and when he returned to Sony’s Spider-Man Universe, he left a part of himself in the MCU. the chance that Marvel Studios is planning a good future for Venom in the MCU, especially since Peter Parker gets his new costume in Marvel Comics is a big deal for web-throwers. Like a colorful plot. While it seems unlikely that Hardy himself will return to play Venom in the MCU, the symbiote could find its way into a highly anticipated Phase 6 project, Avengers: Secret War.

The Secret War of 1984 Linked Spider-Man to Symbiote Venom

Spider-Man Venom in The Secret War of Marvel Comics

It was in the first run of 1984 of Marvel Comics secret war Where Peter Parker first bonded with Venom was originally supposed to be a new outfit. at the last moment Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars Vol. 1 #8Parker attempted to repair his damaged suit with a strange technique, but accidentally released the Venom symbiote that linked to him and turned his red and blue suit into a black and white suit. glossy. Unaware of the danger, Parker continued to use the suit for some time after the accident secret war event, despite eventually calling for help removing it from Fantastic Four’s Reed Richards when the suit started behaving strangely.

Not long after, Venom formed an inseparable bond with Eddie Brock, possibly his most famous master, who became one of Spider-Man’s greatest villains. Later, Mac Gargan, aka Scorpion, will bond with the symbiote, and this responsibility has recently fallen to Peter Parker’s classmate, Flash Thompson, who is known as The Superhero Son of Agent Venom. secret war Events suggest that Venom could make its MCU debut Avengers: Secret WarThat’s bad news for Peter Parker.

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Avengers: Secret Wars could make Venom important in the MCU

Tom Hardy as Venom

until Spider-Man: No Place To Return The MCU’s Spider-Man World and Sony’s Venom World are very different in the post-credits scene, but in Phase 4, Marvel Studios and Sony seem to cement their relationship, allowing some villains and even two Spider-Man from previous Sony movies. Microcontrollers. Since the two studios share Spider-Man, it’s likely Venom will do the same deal, which means Avengers: Secret War Tom Holland’s Peter Parker can be seen bonding with the symbiote. This would fit in with the history of Marvel Comics and seem like the next logical step for the MCU’s Spider-Man after Emotions. homeless.

What this means for the future of Dutch Spider-Man is still unclear, but Marvel Studios has confirmed the plot Spiderman 4 Confirmed and a new trilogy featuring a more mature Web-slinger is coming. Spiderman 4 pre-published secret war (Although unconfirmed), combines Peter Parker with Venom secret war will be for Spiderman 5 Furthermore, Parker wasn’t afraid to wear the updated suit at first until it started to show its true colors. Avengers: Secret War Could be a big turning point for Spider-Man in the MCU, and Venom could be a big part of that.

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