How to unlock all Words of Power in Marvel’s Midnight Suns:

Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a game of two parts. The first, and most easily demonstrated, is the tactics gameplay. You and your team of heroes will go out on various missions using cards in a turn-based battle system to combat Lilith and thwart her evil plot. The other half of the game takes place between these missions in your hub area called the Abbey. Here you can interact with your team, find items, pet some animals, and explore the grounds for secrets.

While exploring, you will come across some areas you just can’t access. These can be blocked by simple doors, broken bridges, or, cracked walls. Forget the fact that you’re a superhero, and also friends with the likes of Iron Man, Captain Marvel, and Spider-Man, who could all easily bypass these for you. The only way to get around them is to learn all four Words of Power. Here’s how you can unlock them all in Marvel’s Midnight Suns.

How to get the Open Word of Power

The first Word of Power you can get is Open. This will let you — surprise surprise — open doors around the Abbey.

Step 1: Begin Agatha’s quest in the Abbey.

Step 2: Go to the Blood Gate and go inside.

Step 3: Place the Moon Seal on the pedestal and win the battle.

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Step 4: Once complete, you will unlock Open.

The hunter selecting the reveal power.

How to get the Reveal Word of Power

The second Word of Power is Reveal, which interestingly doesn’t just show you hidden Arcane keys, but also repairs broken bridges while standing on special icons.

Step 1: Collect all the elemental rods to get a Moon Seal.

Step 2: Use the Moon Seal to unlock a Blood Door next to the Standing Stones to begin a challenge.

Step 3: Win by surviving four turns and defeating 16 enemies to unlock Reveal.

The hunter about to start a purify challenge.

How to get the Purify Word of Power

Purify is more of a steppingstone power than anything else, as it simply removes vines in a few spaces. However, it’s quite necessary for unlocking your next Word of Power and can’t be skipped.

Step 1: Go to the Valley of the Winds and into Hiram Shaw’s Church.

Step 2: Use your Words of Power to access the backyard area and inspect the ward.

Step 3: Progress through the story until you have met and battled Venom and collected a sample.

Step 4: Visit each of the three Witch Covens and collect the item from each.

Step 5: Give them to Agatha and then collect the Moon Seal.

Step 6: Use the Moon Seal at the next Blood Gate to start the next challenge and unlock Purify.

marvels midnight suns how to unlock all words of power marvel s

How to get the Break Word of Power

The final Word of Power is Break. This word will let you take down any cracked and damaged walls blocking your path, fully opening up the remainder of the map.

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Step 1: Speak to Agatha.

Step 2: Collect the three Moon Seal shards and a flower and bring them back to Agatha.

Step 3: Take the completed Moon Seal to the last Blood Gate.

Step 4: Complete the last, and hardest, challenge to unlock your last Word of Power.

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