How to turn off notifications on PS5

Notifications have become a staple of our lives in the age of smartphones and other interconnected devices with a constant internet connection, so it’s understandable that you’ll want to choose which of these alerts you want to see. Thankfully, when it comes to the PlayStation 5, Sony has made it extremely easy to customize the notifications you receive while gaming and streaming, allowing you to only receive alerts about the things that really matter to you. Here is a step by step guide to turn notifications on and off on PS5.

How to turn off notifications on PS5

Here’s how to turn off notifications on your PS5. Of course, you can also use this method to turn it back on later.

Step 1: Go to settings icon on the home screen of your PS5, which looks like a gear and is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

PS5 UI shows setting locations

Step 2: Scroll down to notifications eyelash.

Settings menu on PS5

Step 3 – You can now turn off all popup notifications by clicking X Allow push notifications if you want all notifications to stop indefinitely. However, in the next step, we’ll detail how you can customize the alerts you see.

PS5 notification settings menu

Step 4 – Scroll through the different options in this menu to choose which notifications appear, and you can even decide if you only want to block notifications at certain times, like when you’re streaming or watching videos. You can also decide if you want to see when your friends come online and you can even decide WHO friends from whom you will receive notifications. Don’t forget to turn on if you want to see notifications about game invites, friend requests, and trophy unlocks.

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PS5 notification settings menu

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