How To Take The Little Miss Quiz That’s Trending On TikTok

Anyone who has seen countless “Little Miss” memes on social media will probably be pleased to know that a new online quiz about this adorable character is currently trending on TikTok. The platform is already flooded with content related to similar personality quizzes. The video creators showed screenshots of their results while an equally viral audio clip was played in the background, followed by often humorous reactions.

An example of a quiz that has gone viral on TikTok recently is “Mental age test’, which encourages test-takers to answer the question honestly, it will tell them the true age of their brain and whether their mental state is old or young relative to their chronological age. Most TikTok videos that showcase tests often tease the user’s mental age relative to their chronological age, implying that they’re immature as an adult or obstinate as a youth.

this ‘Which little girl do I think you are? The puzzles are similarly designed. Hosted by the popular online quiz platform uQuiz and created by user “vickova”, the first quiz asks test takers to enter their name. The user will then have to pass seven random questions written in the first person by the test creator, such as “Randomly select a song from my “Top 100” playlist.“None of these questions have to do with the Little Miss meme going viral on social media, nor the beloved British children’s book series on which the meme is based. What makes the quiz so fun are the quizzes. Multiple choice answers are provided to the question How normal it is.

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What do her test results mean

Once all seven questions have been answered⁠—they don’t seem to change no matter how many times the test is redone⁠—a Little Miss character with a custom trait title and a full essay sufficiently descriptive of the results. There seem to be only six possible outcomes for low self-esteem, including “The narcissistic girl”, “The girl has suffered religious trauma”, and “The girl’s father problems”. Among those who joined the trend, topping the list was “Little Miss At My Fucking Breaking Point”, which is understandable in a time of pandemic. Users will be able to see how their results compare to the results of other quiz players at the bottom of the results page and, if they wish, a link to retake the quiz.

Virus’What little girl did I think you were? More than 693,000 people have taken the personality test currently trending on uQuiz. Users who shared their results on TikTok have started using the hashtag #littlemisstest on their videos — which now have more than 43,000 views and are backed by a specific audio track. Those who want a different result from the six available can take a similar Little Miss quiz titled “Which Little Miss character are you? It was also popular on uQuiz and TikTok, and as a result downplayed mental illness and was dubbed “Little Miss Shit Talker” or “Little Miss Stalker”.

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