How To Solve The Headlong Puzzle In Destiny 2: Lightfall

In the Headlong mission in Destiny 2: Lightfall, there are some puzzles that need to be solved by defeating certain enemies to confuse the player.

One of the more confusing puzzles in Destiny 2: Light Appears during the Headlong mission, when waves of enemies hinder progress until the player is able to solve the sequence behind its variety. Less complicated than the mystical puzzles of previous raids, Calus still manages to stop the Guardians with these violent but cunning obstacles. Thankfully, players will encounter this puzzle multiple times during this part of the campaign and learn the solution to each case after mastering the first encounter.

The player first encounters these puzzles in the Dawn Harbor area of ​​Neomuna near the entrance to the Thrilladrome Lost Sector. A fence designed by a mechanical Vex blocks the player’s path and is guarded by Vex Minotaurs and some Vex Goblins. Due to the increased difficulty of this expansion, players need enough time to prepare Destiny 2: LightA frivolous task ahead. Four Vex harpies will appear to appear when the player approaches the fence, but they can’t take out these enemies right now.

Solve the daring puzzle in Destiny 2: Lightfall

Destiny 2: Lightfall Conundrum with glowing crystals showing in which order the Vex Harpy will shoot

After defeating all enemies except Vex Harpies, the player has a chance to see three crystals above the fence. Each glows or doesn’t glow with some kind of energy, forming an ordered sequence on a horizontal line. Likewise, hordes of youkai fall into the same category and may have one pair that glows while the other doesn’t. This puzzle asks the player to defeat each Vex Harpy by matching the order of the glowing crystals.

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An example of this sequence might be to light up, not light up, then light up again. This means that the player must first defeat the glowing harpy, then the non-luminous harpy, and finally another glowing enemy to complete the correct order. Take some time for some crystals to record this harpy’s failures to prevent the player from accidentally killing the next one too quickly, which could crash the process.

This puzzle appears twice more during the Headlong mission, the second time being almost identical to the first. The last case, however, complicates things a bit, introducing a mix of normal harpy with luminous cationic harpy and non-luminous anion harpy. The same approach is taken when trying to solve the Headlong puzzle, but the large number of enemies requires the player to have a solid primary weapon. Destiny 2: Light Choose their goals wisely.

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