How to remove a device from Google Home regardless of Wi-Fi network

Once you start building a smart home with Google Home, you may reach a point where you need to remove one of your devices from your Google account. Maybe you replaced that device with a newer model and decided to sell the old one, or maybe you installed the device and decided to give it to a friend or family member. Whatever the reason, we’ve got you covered. Here are some tips on how to remove a Google Home speaker or device from your Google account, even if you’re not on the same Wi-Fi network.

How do I remove my device from Google?

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To remove any device from your Google Home account, you’ll need to open Google Home and tap the device you want to remove. This will take you to the screen of that device. At the top of the screen you will see a settings gear icon Touch gear icon to view the options menu for that device. At the bottom of the list, tap Remove the device. Your device will be removed from Google Home. if you don’t see it Remove the device, it can be connected through a third-party application. Read on to see how to remove these types of devices.

Why can’t I remove my device from my Google account?

If your device is connected through a third-party app (SmartHome, Philips Hue, robot vacuums, Kasa, etc.), you’ll need to disconnect it before you can remove it from Google Home. Open the Google Home app, scroll down to the device you want to remove, and tap it. At the top of the screen you will see a settings gear icon Tap that icon and it will open the options menu for that device. At the bottom of the list you should see cancel connection and the name of the third-party application link. Touch that entry and a dialog box will appear asking for confirmation. You can also access these settings by going into your vacuum’s app (for example), searching for Google Settings, and signing out of it.

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Please note that when you unpair that app, you will lose the functionality of ALL devices you have connected through that app. So if you have six TP-Link ports, you have to disconnect them all, and then add back the ones you want to keep (in addition to reconnecting the TP-Link app). It’s confusing why you can’t just remove one device without unlinking the app and remove all other units from that company. Another common question is how to add more users to Google Home, which is not difficult to do.

How can I manage devices on Google Home?

Once you’ve connected or set up your device through Google Home, you can control it in a number of ways. google has Lights button that gives you quick access to all the lamps you have configured. (Note: If you have a lamp connected to a smart plug, Google Home won’t consider it a “light”.) There’s also Media button that allows you to quickly launch music, radio, podcasts, or videos, and you can also select the device to launch that media. Wear Broadcasting button to send a message to other devices/family members i routines The button will take you to your routines.

If you scroll down the main Google Home screen, you’ll see your devices sorted by room. To access a device, tap on it and you’ll see all the controls that the device manufacturer gave you through Google Home.

The Google Home app has made vast improvements and changes in recent years, giving homeowners many more features and options for many more settings and preferences. If you’re still on the fence about getting a Google Nest Audio or Google Home Hub display speaker, read our reviews to learn more about what these devices can do for you.

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