How to remove a Blink Mini from its stand

The Pan-Tilt Mount for the Blink Mini turns the tiny device into one of the best indoor cameras on the market. With the ability to swivel sideways and rotate vertically, you’re able to capture every corner of your home with ease. But before you can start using the Pan-Tilt Mount, you need to remove your Blink Mini from its stand. The process is about as simple as it gets – but it requires a bit more muscle than most other parts of the setup.

If you’re having trouble removing the Blink Mini from its stand, here’s everything you need to know.

Uninstalling the Blink Mini from its stand requires a bit of brute force. There’s no release latch, no twisting, and no tools required. Instead, you simply need to pull it off. Unfortunately, you need to apply a significant amount of pressure to remove it, and anyone attempting this for the first time might think they’re about to snap the stand in half. To prevent that from happening, here are a few tips.

Step 1: Hold the base of the stand with your left hand, positioning the spindle between your index and middle fingers.

Step 2: Hold the camera with your right hand.

Step 3: Firmly pull the two away from each other.

Step 4: You might notice the plastic casing on the camera start to flex outward. Keep pulling, and eventually, you’ll hear a disconcerting “pop” and the camera will detach from the stand.

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Step 5: Despite the unsettling sounds, this is the proper way to remove the Blink Mini from its stand. The two components are surprisingly resilient, and you shouldn’t have to worry about accidentally damaging something during the removal process.

The Blink Mini installed in the Pan-Tilt Mount.

Removing the Blink Mini from the Pan-Tilt Mount follows the same procedure as above. However, you’re now dealing with a mount that can freely pivot vertically and horizontally. This means you’ll need to find a way to stabilize the mount before trying to remove the camera. Here’s what we recommend.

Step 1: Hold the entire Pan-Tilt Mount in your left hand.

Step 2: Tightly wrap the mounting bracket with your thumb and index finger. This will prevent it from wobbling away as you try to remove the Blink Mini.

Step 3: Next, you can either pull the Blink Mini off or try wiggling it back and forth slowly to dislodge it from the mount. A combination of the two often works best, with your left hand rocking the mount back and forth and the right hand pulling the Blink Mini directly away from the mount.

Step 4: You’ll once again hear a pop, and your Blink Mini will disconnect from the Pan-Tilt Mount.

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