How to Make Email Campaigns More Effective and Useful?

Email campaigns used in the past no longer work? Don’t believe anyone who says this. All the tools to advertise and sell products or services that were popular in the early 2000s still work today. Well, they are not used very often because many new ways have been introduced. But they still work if you know how to use them correctly. They help check email addresses. knows and provides customers with useful services to automate online sales.

Every email campaign and email validator should be as effective as possible. Sending poorly written messages to all available addresses will not yield the desired results.

First, you need to compose compelling copy that is sales-oriented. The recipient will immediately be interested in the subject of the letter, and then he will read the entire text.

Second, you must compose messages so that they do not fall into the spam filter (although useful messages often go there).

Third, email marketing should target potential customers, not everyone.

To keep your e-mail database up to date, two Snovio services help you:

  • email search,
  • Verification email.

Email Finder

According to the developers, this service allows you to find any address anywhere. For example, you know a domain address but you don’t know the contacts associated with it, Email Finder will find all available email addresses. The service can also populate the names of existing contacts in their mailboxes. Boolean search support is available to find the right leads. It also helps you find influencers (bloggers, journalists), job applicants, etc. To check your email, the process is now easier than ever.

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The service has built-in tools for common tasks: “Search by domain listing”, “Search by company profile”, “Search by social profiles”, “Search by address by list” and “Search by filter”. Chrome extensions usually allow you to activate the plugin on any website and collect addresses from this domain.

Service features can be tested on the free plan. Once you sign up, you get 50 credits for email address search verification, verification, and mailing start. You can also sign up for a monthly or yearly subscription for 5 packages: S, M, L, XL and XL.

Verification email

So you have successfully found the contact database and now you need to email the verifier to know if they are real or not. This task is successfully handled by the email address verification or validation service. It allows you to determine if a mailbox is fake. A high rate of bounces received from nonexistent addresses increases the chances of the sender being blocked. On the other hand, removing invalid addresses from the list increases delivery efficiency.

This service does not send test mail to verified addresses, but uses seven filters. The system always checks whether the e-mail is valid, or checks the correctness of the address format (typo, incorrect characters), the absence of an actual, random character set of the domain name, whether it is included in the catch list of all databases, whether the domain is free/paid, the presence of the MX record and performing SMTP authentication. A 100% result is not guaranteed, but practice shows that for addresses where the system has specified a “valid” status, the failure rate is about 1.7%.

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Email authentication can be used on the company website, as a Chrome browser extension, or integrated into your CRM system using an API. Test results can be exported to .csv, Google Sheets or Excel format. As in the case of email address verification, you can use a free plan with limited functionality or connect to one of the premium plans.

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