How to learn the Earthwake technique in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Link has no shortage of ways to fight the forces of evil. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Between his growing arsenal of weapons, bows, and even building deadly traps with his new abilities, you might think you have all the tools at your disposal. However, for those who are up to the challenge, there is a hidden move called Earthwake that Link can learn. This move allows you to perform an incredible attack that many players will never see. If you want to add this nifty move to your arsenal, here’s how to learn the Earthwake technique in tears of the kingdom.

How to run Earthwake

The Earthwake move is a special move that is only taught to sword masters of the Yiga clan, so you’ll need to go on a secret mission to their hideout first. To do this without being instantly attacked, you need to find and wear a full set of Yiga armor.

Step 1: Enter the Yiga clan hideout in their armor.

Step 2: In the back of the hideout you will find Yig Blademaster.

Step 3 – Talk to him and accept his challenge.

Step 4: There are three prizes you can win depending on how good you are: – Defeat 3 enemies: Yiga Clan Fabric – Defeat 6 enemies: Earthwake Manual – Defeat 9 enemies: Lightning Helmet

Step 5: Complete the challenge by defeating at least six enemies to receive the Earthwake Handbook.

Link for a manual on earthquakes.

To perform the Earthwake move, simply unequip your weapon and hold it AND to impale Link’s fist. When charged, which requires a bit of stamina, it will hit the ground and send a small geyser of wind shooting forward along the ground.

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