How To Get The Falling Stars Emblem In Destiny 2

destiny 2The meteor symbol is one of the newest cosmetics in the game, and earning it is essential for players who collect them. Although it’s not as complete as Lighthouse The expansion’s Nightmare Roots Raid race mode (harder for the first 48 hours) is also a new and well-designed entry. Badges are cosmetic items that players can use to display their in-game badges.

It appears as a card in Orbit, but also appears as a title when checking a player’s inventory or seeing them in the list of players in the same instance and location. Therefore, it is common to choose badges that are rare or beautiful, or for bragging – for achievement, such as in destiny 2or just to complement the visual aesthetic they’re customizing. The shooting star logo is for the latter, as it looks good and is easy to get.

Destiny 2 Meteor Emblem Limited Time Offer

meteor icon in destiny 2 Part of a limited time offer. Prime Gaming subscribers can get exclusive Lilac and Pink cosmetics in March 2023 destiny 2 The package, called the “Strange Popcorn Pack”. It’s available from early March and can be picked up until April 7, when the offer expires.

There is currently no other way to earn Meteor Badge destiny 2. Once a plan has been removed from Prime Gaming’s offer, it may not be available through any other means. Chances are this pack will come back later, but this is also common for badges like destiny 2Ngoc’s Hang Ngoc logo, appearing only once.

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Players who want to use Meteor Badge destiny 2 Prime game bundle March 2023 must be claimed before offer expires. Those who want it but are not members of the subscription service should consider signing up for at least a month to get it.

The “Popcorn Exotic Bundle” product page does not list the badge as one of the rewards. It also comes with Popcorn Exotic Emote, Barebones SL-19 Exotic Sparrow, Andromeda’s Sparkling Legendary Ship and Rebel Projection Legendary Ghost Holo. Those who request content on Prime Gaming will be able to get it later at destiny 2. He’ll also give a Meteor Badge, although it’s not listed as one of the possible bonuses in the pack.

Thanks to a partnership between developer Bungie and Prime Gaming, destiny 2 Get great rewards every month. Prime Gaming subscribers often get items like ships, sparrows, ghost shells, emojis, and even exotic weapons and one of their respective decorations.

Deals like the “Popcorn Exotic Pack,” which grants this month’s Falling Stars badge, have been around for a while. The partnership began in 2020, the same year the Beyond Light expansion was released, and continues to this day. Although most of the rewards are cosmetics, such as skin destiny 2they may be worth taking.

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