How to Get The Black Knife Armor in Elden Ring

The black knife is located at Elden’s ring is a suit of armor, the same armor worn by the boss Blackblade Assassin that the player will encounter in Deathtouch Catacombs and Sage’s Cavern. The device has a dark and ominous design, with an ethereal veil over the armor. The Black Knife set is the perfect embodiment of equipment for those playing the role of assassins or bandits Elden’s ring. Armor placement is easy to find and easy to get equipment. . However, Tarnished needs to traverse a large portion of the map to get armor.

Get Amor Black Knife Set Elden’s ring, the player must reach the top of Giant’s Mountain, the northernmost area of ​​the Lands Between. After passing through Stormveil Castle, Tarnished must pass through Liunia and Atlus Plateau. However, the Atlus Plateau can only be accessed if the player activates the Grand Lift of Dectus by collecting the two halves of the Dectus Medallion. Once the player has passed through the vast royal capital Lyndell, they can reach the Roald Grand Gondola.

Rold Grand Lift will give players access to the east side of Giant’s Peak Elden’s ring. However, the left side will not be accessible until Tarnished has received another medal similar to the one needed for the Dectus Elevator. Specifically, the Halitree Secret Medallion is used to operate the Rold Grand Lift, which somehow grants access to a hidden path leading to the consecrated snowfield. From here, the player will be able to travel northwest to the worship town of Aldina and find the set of Black Knives.

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Location of the Black Knife suit in Ring of Elden

The Halitree Secret Medallion has two halves, each hidden in a different area. The reverse of the medal can be obtained from the Sun Castle located northeast of the Giant’s Peak. To get this piece, the player must defeat a Elden’s ring Boss on the roof of the castle.

The other half of the Halitree Secret Medal is stashed in a little-known location southwest of Liunia. Albus, an NPC disguised as a jar, will sit at the end of the uphill path near the village of Albinaurics. Hitting him once will remove the camouflage and he will give the right side of the medal to the player. Return to Rold Lift and head north to the worship town of Ordina. Down the long stairs leading into the town, the player will find the Black Knife Set on a corpse.

Elden’s ring Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC.

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