How To Get Sharp Scale In Wild Hearts

Sharp Scales is a forging material that the player can find in Wild Hearts after raising the smaller Kemono to upgrade various weapons or armor.

Players need to collect various materials such as sharp scales in the game wild soundDr. Upgrade their weapons and armor, which they can get from the smaller Kemono creatures found around the world. After completing Chapter 2 of the main story, the player has the opportunity to use collected resources (such as Sharp Scales) to improve items. Although not as easy to find as Devil’s Stone, it is not too difficult as some boss-specific items, and the sharp scales also only bring a small challenge to the player.

The sharp scales are described as “This material comes from a small beetle and needs to be handled with care due to the sharp spines on its surface.”and marked as wrought material. Similar to what players drop when defeating bosses like Ragetail wild heart, sharp scales have been found on small animals found in the wild. Many monsters that drop sharp scales can only be hunted after the player completes Chapter 3 of the story.

Hunt for monsters with sharp scales in Wild Hearts

Wild Hearts Open World Area with Zipline Two players with different devices ready to explore

There are two small Kemono that create sharp scales when defeated, named Shardshower Monitor and Nightshade Monitor. These Kemonos have different spawn locations, but the player has a better chance of finding them using the detailed map view while observing the world. Small Kemono filter that shows either screen as it appears in areas the player can quickly move to wild heart.

Both creatures are represented on this map by circular icons that the player can further check to see exactly what kind of mini Kemono they represent.

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The Shardshower screen always appears in Fuyufusagi Fortress as its normal habitat, which explains why the player needs to reach Chapter 3 to enter this area. Shardshowers are also sometimes found on Natsukodachi Isle as an invasive species, giving the player multiple locations to find Sharp Scales. In contrast, the Night Screen can often be found in Akikure Gorge, while encroaching on Harugasumi Road.

Although these Kemonos are less dangerous, at least players should unlock more weapons wild heart Defeat the beasts easily. The Shardshower Monitor looks like a dragon with a bright blue beard, while the Nightshade Monitor has black scales covered with spikes. Those who want to get sharp scales wild heart It may be necessary to fight these Kemonos multiple times to get the right item, as long as the player leaves the area and returns to reset their spawn rate.

  • Wild Heart game poster wild heart Platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Microsoft Windows, Steam, Epic Games Store Release time: 2023-02-17 Developer: Omega Force Publisher: Electronic Arts Genre: Action Role Playing Multiplayer: Online Co-op Engine: Katana Engine ESRB: BILLION What it is: Wild Hearts is a new action RPG similar to Monster Hunter from Capcom’s Omega Force, the team behind the video game’s “Warrior” subgenre. Players will create their own protagonist as they enter the land of Azuma, a lush, multi-biomes world filled with destructive monsters known as Kemono. In this Japanese-influenced world, players will fight alone or in online teams of up to three against monsters inspired by Japanese mythology, knocking them down with armor. , unique rideable weapons and equipment. Mode: single player, multiplayer
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