How to get every ending in Valkyrie Elysium

Valkyrie Elysha is the latest in the cult classic JRPG series. It’s been so long since the last entry, which itself wasn’t too popular, this game introduces a new protagonist, Valkyrie Nora, on a quest to prevent Ragnarok. Also new to this game is the focus on a more action-oriented RPG experience, which makes it more appealing to a wider audience. However, it still stays true to its roots by offering multiple endings depending on how you play.

Valkyrie Elysha contains four different endings that you can get: normal, good, bad, and true ending. Each of them has different requirements that you will have to meet, with the true ending having the strictest requirements. Depending on the ending you want, you may need to plan for it from the very beginning of the game. This is what you need to do to get all four endings Valkyrie Elysha And what are the endings?

Note: We won’t spoil the details of the game’s endings.

How to get a normal ending

We’ll start with the easiest ending. This is most likely the ending you will get if you play the game naturally, without trying too hard, although there is a way to lose it easily.

Step 1: Do not collect all nine green flowers in the game.

Step 2: In Chapter Nine, do No Go up and talk to Armando.

Step 3 – Continue with the boss fight.

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Step 4: Defeat Fenrir.

Step 5: Watch the final scene and earn the Twilight of the Great Wolf achievement/trophy.

The mysterious armored woman in the castle.

How to get a good ending

A good ending is another possible ending that you will get without realizing it, depending on the type of player you are. Here is how to get it.

Step 1: Do not collect the nine green flowers.

Step 2: In the 9th chapter, find Armand and talk to him.

Step 3: Choose Accept that you are a Valkyrie and do what must be done..

Step 4: Defeat Fenrir and Hilda.

Step 5: Defeat Odin.

Step 6 – Watch the final cutscene and earn the Everybody’s Daddy Twilight achievement/trophy.

Valkyrie stands in a grassy field.

How to get a bad ending

While no ending looks all that great, there is a bad one that, even from a gameplay perspective, feels pretty unsatisfying. Here’s how to get one if you’re curious.

Step 1: Do not collect the nine green flowers.

Step 2: Meet Armond in Chapter Nine.

Step 3: Choose Choose to be human and go with Armando.

Step 4: You don’t have a final boss in this area, but you do get the A Momentary Escape achievement/trophy.

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How to the right end

This is the actual finish that most people will be looking for and it has the most stringent requirements. By now, you’ve probably guessed what you’ll need to do, but here’s the full list of requirements.

Step 1: Collect all nine Verdant Blossoms throughout the game (you must collect all eight before the ninth chapter for the last one to appear).

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Step 2: Meet Armando in Chapter Nine.

Step 3: Choose Accept that you are a Valkyrie and do what must be done..

Step 4: Continue with the chapter.

Step 5: Defeat Fenrir with Hilda.

Step 6: Defeat Odin with Hilda.

Step 7: Defeat Ragnarok Odin.

Step 8: This will only unlock the Unlimited Possibilities achievement/trophy if this is the last ending you unlocked.

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