How to Get Bladed’s Armor and Royal Greatsword in Elden Ring

Blaidd is one of many characters Elden’s ring Let players make friends and fight. In addition, there is a way for players to earn their armor and royal greatsword. Elden’s ring Keeping its story to a minimum in favor of exploration, there are characters that will help players on their adventure. Whether it’s a salesman that supplies items to a player’s inventory or an ancient relic depicting the lore of the land, there’s always something to give you a fuller picture. Elden’s ring. As far as Blaidd is concerned, he is a half werewolf that can be found near the Mistwood Ruins.

It’s worth mentioning that collecting Blaidd and Royal Greatsword’s armor is part of a larger story theme. The Royal Greatsword is one of the best swords in its own right Elden’s ring. Those who want to get it need to participate in Ranni’s quest. First, the player needs to go to the Caria Manor in Northern Liurnia and free it from Loretta. After the battle, the player now has three towers at their disposal. Go to the place in the middle called Ranni’s Rise and talk to Ranni to start the quest.

to Eldon’s Ring, the player needs to complete Ranni’s quest line until the last mission. In this mission, the player needs to return to Laney Heights, where they will find Brad kneeling on the ground. Approaching him will start a war that the player must defeat to collect his armor and sword. While the player can lock in at the beginning and deal a fatal blow to Blaidd from behind, it won’t kill him. However, the battle will begin when his HP is exhausted.

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How to defeat Blaidd in Elden Ring

Best of all, Blaidd is not one of the hardest battles in the game if the player adjusts the levels properly. He unleashed a series of ferocious attacks that sent him soaring through the air. It is important to keep a reasonable distance to read his attacks. After he shows his opener, perform an attacking jump to stagger him and take extra damage.

In addition, the magic user in Eldon’s Ring He can be defeated by keeping his distance and spamming. Using magic to summon allies will also make combat easier. Blaidd tends to target AI allies rather than actual players, making them vulnerable to attacks. Slow the tempo and slowly lower his HP until he is defeated. Approach him and collect his armor and royal sword. Although Blaidd is a temporary ally, he must search for the player to obtain this item.

Elden’s ring Now available on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

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