How To Get Amber Copal in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Hunters can collect amber Opal Account items from certain resource nodes in the new Castle area of ​​Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak.

Amber Copal is a Monster Hunter Rises: Sunbreak And need to complete the side quest”brilliant amber. This material cannot be used for crafting, it is mainly collected to get more Kamura points. Different locals have their own unique account entries, which players may need to explore to find them. Amber Koba can only be used at Master level and Available in the New Citadel area Monster Hunter Rises: Sunbreak.

The map is divided into 14 areas, containing three different biomes. The main area has castle ruins surrounded by lush greenery. Swamp to the west, and snow biome to the north. The castle is home to some of the most fearsome enemies and is unlocked through the Garangolm hunt. Amber Copal isn’t guaranteed to match, but there are plenty of strategies players can use to ensure their success.

The best way to find account items is to equip armor and decorations with the Geologist’s armor skill. At level two, hunters will be able to gather more time from the gathering point. Each resource point usually takes four to five minutes to respawn. However, loading the Dango Harvester skill will reduce this time to about three minutes. With new tracking missions Monster Hunter Rises: Sunbreak, different NPCs will give players specific item requirements. Sidequests”brilliant amber“Available at level 3 masters, need to deliver two ambers.

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Find Amber Copal in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak

Monster Hunter Rise Castle Location Stump Sap

Hunters are searching for tree sap, a unique collection point in the castle. They look like the name suggests, with lots of sap on the base of the tree. Since the castle is a large area, players can display their map, open a list of icons, and select sap in the special items tab. This will show only the desired resource nodes on the map. There are a total of nine gathering points on the southwest side of the castle. Between areas 12 and 13 there is a large cluster that hunters can plant for copal amber. Luckily, Stump Saps seem to respawn faster than regular collector nodes, so it’s easy to Monster Hunter Rises: Sunbreak.

Upon returning to the El Gadot Outpost, the player must deliver two Amber Kopals to Sir Ertz. He will reward hunters with some Heavy Armor Orbs and new World Blade crafting designs. This is an upgraded version of Advanced Watercolor Bug Knife. The weapon’s appearance hasn’t changed, but base damage has been increased from 220 to 310. Hunters who want to craft this main version of Brush Insect Glaive should collect Amber Kopal as soon as the castle is unlocked.

Monster Hunter Rises Available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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