How to Free Maria Renard in Dead Cells: Return to Castlevania

with Back to Castlevania DLC breathes new life Dead cellswith lots of hidden content locked for players to discover and unleash, like the iconic Maria Renard. Castlevania In the series, the young female vampire hunter provided the player with a new set of gear upon initial release, as well as a new random weapon that the player could encounter in later games. .

Like Richter Belmont, she is locked in the DLC environment, specifically the castle’s suburban biome. A special mode is unlocked when Richter is released Dead cells, to release Maria no. However, the weapons that players get for this are well worth the effort. Byakko, with an item labeled Maria’s Cat, is both cute and evil, and it’s an absolute joy to run around with her. He sits on the player’s shoulder, occasionally getting up and wandering around and slashing enemies he comes across, thus occupying an equipment slot. If the player gets stuck, he can also reactivate to deal some serious damage.

How to save Maria in dead cells

Before players can use this deadly cat, they need to find and free Maria. First, they need to start Back to Castlevania DLC, then begin exploring around the Castle Outskirts Biome starting area. While exploring, they may come across the door of Maria’s cell, but they won’t be able to open it without the key.

Players will need the Ribbon Key that hangs around the neck of Maria’s white cat, Byakko. You will see them running around the biome and will most likely jump in front of the player at some point. To catch Byakko, the player simply needs to stay on top of them while holding the interactive button and they will eventually drop the key.

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If the player finds Maria’s cell, they can return there. If not, they’ll need to search around, as the biomes are random. It’s not a bad idea to pick up some other weapons inside Dead cells when searching. Once Maria is freed, the player simply needs to talk to her to unlock the Maria Renard costume blueprint, then pet the white tiger to get Maria’s cat.

  • dead cell game poster Dead cells Platforms: Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Nintendo Switch Release time: 2018-08-07 Developer: Motion Twin, Evil Empire Publisher: Motion Twin, Playdigious Genre: Action, Metroidvania, Roguelike ESRB: BILLION Summary: Dead Cells is an action/roguelike exploration-style Metroidvania game released in 2018. In the game, the player takes on the role of unnamed humanoid creatures called prisoners, because they always start from a damp prison on a base. Players will battle their way through procedurally generated levels and collect “tiles” to unlock permanent upgrades, including tools, traps, and weapons, helping them to explore far and wide. than to reach the top of the castle and confront the unknown king. Dead Cells has had several expansion packs, most recently an ambitious collaboration with Konami’s Castlevania series. Expansions: The Bad Seed, Rise of the Giants, Queen of the Sea, Return to Castlevania, Everyone Is Here Vol. twelfth Mode: Single player
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