How to find your Threads ticket to show when you joined

You know a social media network is really starting to take not by when executives say it’s hit about 100 million users, but when inane memes and “challenges” start to hit the mainstream. The network in question in Threads — which at this point probably has become the de facto service for anyone looking to no longer sully themselves with Twitter (or X, or whatever). And the trend du jour is posting a skuomorphic ticket that shows just how early you made it on to the Meta-owned platform.

The lower the number, the earlier you made it onto Threads in the initial rush following the surprise announcement that Meta was rolling it out sooner than expected. If you’re looking to play along, or just don’t remember where the ticket lives because you’ve had better things to do, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to get to it, post it, and then ponder the larger question of what your life has become.

Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

How to find your Threads Ticket

First things first: Grab your phone and open the Threads app.

Step 1: Ignore the threads making fun of Twitter, or announcing how someone has left Twitter for Threads, or the ones about how big Threads is becoming. Tap the Person icon in the bottom right to get to your profile tab.

The person icon in the Threads app.

Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Step 2: Now tap the two-lined icon in the top right to open the Settings menu.

The menu button in the Threads app.

Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

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Step 3: Tap About. (It’s at the bottom of the list, just above Switch Profiles and Log Out. But don’t tap those.)

The settings screen in the Threads app highlighting the About section.

Step 4: Now tap About your profile.

The About section of the Threads app Settings sub-section, highlighting the About this profile button.

Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Step 5: You’ll now see a four line summary of your profile pop up from the bottom. It includes your name and handle, when you joined along with your join number, what country you’re based in, and if you’re paying to be verified by Meta, the date of that scheme.

Your profile information as seen in the Threads app.

Phil Nickinson / Digital Trends

Step 6: This is fine. But you want the ticket so you can properly show off and be part of the “I know where to find my ticket club.” So tap the Joined line and your ticket will open up.

The ticket showing when you joined Threads.

And that’s it. You now have a shiny ticket with the same information, as well as a QR code for folks to add you. Give it a spin for good measure, then screenshot it (the cool kids are screen recording it spinning), and post it to Threads.

You know you want to. And while you’re doing it, give your pal Phil a follow.

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