How to Do a Finishing Move in Warzone 2

The ending moves in Warzone 2 are simple to execute, but difficult to get right, as strategic timing and placement are crucial.

While a shot to the head or a shotgun at close range is a great way to kill people, the finisher is in the Call of the Mission: Warzone 2. For those unfamiliar, the finishing blow is a cosmetic device that can permanently send an opponent into the Gulag with a fatal blow. As players level up, they get new moves like “Hammer Meets Skull”, “Punctual Puncture” or “Slice and Easy”. Of course, these various moves don’t offer any in-game rewards other than providing warriors with the sight of their player character performing executions that satisfy their enemies.

Perform the move to finish the enemy Call of the Mission: Warzone 2, the player must go behind an enemy warrior and hold down to perform a melee attack. By default, this input should be V for PC players, while console players will set R3 as their melee attack.

Positioning is very important; if the soldiers are too far from their target, pressing the button will end in a simple melee that takes their position. Also, the finisher doesn’t work on the front end.

Performing the finishing move in Warzone 2

Finish with a rifle on the roof of Warzone 2

If you are an inexperienced player or a newbie Call of the Mission: Warzone 2 To practice finishing moves in a live action battle, YouTuber Chris Bassett recommends starting the game in Battle Royale mode. After the plane is spawned, the plane will fly over the map in one direction.

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When the plane reached the border of the map, the warriors were forced to leave the vehicle and land on land. Usually, those who can’t parachute from a plane before are AFKs. However, Chris Bassett says that these AFK players are often the best “practice dummies”, given the freedom to perform various finishing moves in Warzone 2.

It is worth noting that the default control scheme for making the last moves war zone 2 like in modern war 2. In other words, keeping V or R3 behind an enemy target will trigger the same function in both games. Let’s say the player wants to unlock more finishing blows for more violent but eye-catching glasses. In this case, they can participate in the battle pass system, complete certain challenges, or purchase certain microtransactions in the game. war zone 2. All ending actions, regardless of animation, will have the same controller and keyboard input.

Source: YouTube/Chris Bassett

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