How to defeat the Great Baggi in Monster Hunter Rise

One of the earlier fights in The rise of the monster hunter he is opposed by the Great Baggi, classified as a Bird Wyvern. The fight plays out much like Gran Izuchi’s, with a few key differences. Great Baggi is certainly not a race, but more of a low-level quest that wants to show you the ropes. Either way, you’ll want to come prepared when taking down this beast, and in this guide we’ve collected all the tips and tricks you’ll need to kill it with ease.

This is how to beat the Big Baggie The rise of the monster hunter.

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When can you fight the Great Baggi?

The fight against Big Baggi is available after defeating Big Izuchi during the single player campaign. These quests are given by the Hinoa Quest Maiden, who is located outside of the Ironworks area.

To unlock the fight against the Great Izuchi, you must first complete all key quests of level 1. Key quests are marked with a red symbol to the left of the quest name. After completing a key quest, the symbol turns gray and will also have a red check mark on the right side.

In the upper right corner of the screen you will also have an indicator that tells you how many key tasks you need to get to the next level. In this case, you need to complete three key quests, along with Izuchi’s Great Fight to unlock the Tier 2 quest. You can then fight the Great Baggi as part of the Out Cold quest.

Alternatively, you can fight Big Baggi during the hub mission. It is available as a level 1 quest during the No Cure for the Common Baggi quest. This is one of the Tier 1 Key Quests required to unlock Tier 2, so you will likely have it on your list as you progress through the multiplayer portion of the game.

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Where can you find the Big Baggie?


The Great Baggi is found on the Frost Isles and often spawns around area 6. However, the starting location of the monster has a certain degree of randomness. When you first start the Out Cold quest, you will come across two large monsters on the Frost Islands. One is Big Baggi and the other is Lagombi. Big Baggi resembles a dinosaur and is easy to distinguish from Lagombi, which resembles a cross between a bear and a rabbit.

Once you get close to a large monster, its icon will appear in the top right corner of the screen. Press the right stick to navigate between them and select the icon representing Big Baggie. This will highlight it on the map in the bottom left corner of the screen so you always know where you are. Then when you get close to him you can press L to quickly block it.

preparing for battle


Once you’ve unlocked the Out Cold mission, you’ll be ready to fight Big Baggie. In addition to the usual items like drinks and food, he will also bring energy drinks which are made from a nitro spa and honey. This will improve your overall stamina and help you fight sleepiness. The Big Baggi is an agile creature that has a variety of attacks, one of which is a long-range projectile that can put you to sleep, reducing your energy recovery.

Big Baggi is weak to fire, water, and thunder, so if you have a weapon connected to those elements, you’ll have an easier time fighting the creature. Note that this monster is immune to ice and dragon elemental attacks. Great Baggi is weak to headshots, as well as stun, explosive, and exhausting ammo types.

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Fighting the Big Baggi


Now that you know how to unlock the Great Baggi fight and are ready with the correct items to defeat it, you can start dealing with the creature while studying its movement patterns. As always, we recommend diving in and watching the monster to get an idea of ​​how it attacks and maneuvers around the stage.

Big Baggi has several moves in his arsenal such as a forward kick, head butts, tail whip, and his sleep projectile attack. Most of the attacks aren’t overly deadly, but one to watch out for is the projectile maneuver, which is telegraphed by a large cloud of smoke billowing from the creature’s mouth. If you stay close to the enemy sides, you will be able to avoid this attack. But if it does hit you, you’ll want to have an energy drink to help soften the effects.

In general, we recommend that you stick to both sides of the monster while attacking its body and head. You’ll end up knocking the creature down, leaving it extremely vulnerable to attacks. After taking him down, prioritize headshots as they will do the most damage. Try not to collide with the creature head-on, as many of its moves are deadlier from the front. Since the enemy is so fast, you will likely have issues with their movement patterns if you use a slow weapon like the greatsword or hunting horn. With that in mind, it’s best to throw a punch or two and then roll and stay to the side.

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Try not to be greedy with your punches, as this can leave you vulnerable and open to an attack, especially one that makes you sleepy. But if you stay close to the beast, the attack while you sleep won’t be a big problem. Alternatively, if you plan on using a long-range weapon like a crossbow or bow, be sure to roll against the creature’s flanks to avoid the projectile’s attack.



The Big Baggi drops a number of rewards, some of which can be obtained by carving, breaking parts, or grabbing. Below is a list of rewards, their drop rates, and how to get them.

Materialstargeted rewardsregister the rewardsThe broken part is rewardingcarversfallen materials
Big Baggi Skintwenty-one%twenty-one%40%70%
Big Baggi’s Claw36%46%33%30%
The king’s coat of arms5%fifteen%70%
a sleeping bag24%30%27%
Monster Bone M14%18%
wyvern’s tearfifty%

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