How To Complete Fever Dream in Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted

Fever Dream has been added destiny 2Haunted Season of , required to unlock the title of Death. Players need to explore abandoned Leviathan in search of elite enemies. Fever Dream’s in-game description reads: “Defeat every powerful nightmare in Haunted Alcove. ” The Guardian requires four separate wins to complete the achievements, each of which can be completed in the Royal Pool or Amusement Park.

Haunted Season reintroduced the Leviathan, transforming the ship from a raid site into a free-roaming destination. As the story explains, Calus established a connection with the Pyramid of the Moon. As a result, the newly named Leviathan is abandoned and plagued by countless nightmares. Carus turned his royal army into these fearsome enemies.

While exploring the abandoned Leviathan destiny 2, the Guardian will encounter many public events and powerful enemies. Some of these are tied to different seasonal wins. For example, winning the Reaper title requires the player to complete the Haunted Seal. This can be complicated, as many wins are tied to random events or defeating specific enemies. Fortunately, every Nightmare associated with a Fever Dream is located in a haunted alcove.

Fate 2: The Victory Ritual of Darkness

Ritual Under Shadow is one of the four Victorys required to obtain Fever Dream. This requires the Guardians to defeat the Endless Nightmare of Cyad. He can be found in one of the two haunted alcoves in the Royal Pool. This area is located in the center of the back wall, with the entrance marked with tassels of corruption. Interacting with the three ritual ingredients will summon Nightmare. Players can destiny 2 Once the message, “Dense darkness in the air…” appears on the screen.

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Destiny 2: Triumph Devotion

Destiny 2 royal pool haunted alcove

Eliminate Sniper Qalec’s nightmare to win by margin. He can be found in another haunted niche in the Royal Pool. This area is located in the back right corner of the room, next to Nightmare contains Sy’ad, the endless area. The guardians will receive the message, “The red laser quickly glides over your Ghost,When the target appears. Also, there are some smaller nightmares in the hallway in front of the boss. Sniper Qalec can be found at the end of the hallway.

Destiny 2: Victory destroys the nightmare

Destiny 2 haunted alcove play garden

Victory in violation nightmare destiny 2 Necessary to defeat Kra’lok, Ha’lok’s sword and nightmare, the shield. Both of these powerful enemies are in the same haunted niche. The Guardians must go to the Happy Guardian and climb up the side of the cliff opposite the golden statue of Calus. Several ledges serve as platforms and entrances glow in blue. The player will see the message, “Sword and shield collide,“Once an enemy appears inside the Haunted Vault.

Destiny 2: Beastspore’s Great Victory

How to Beat Beastmaster Carun's Nightmare in Destiny 2

To get the Beastspore Victory, the Guardian must defeat Beastmaster Karen’s nightmare in the Garden of Pleasure. The Haunted Vault is located under the trapdoor at the back of the room, in the center below the golden statue of Kallus. Once the message, “The snores of war beasts can be heard in the distance…“Appearing, removing some sleeping Nightmare Monsters will spawn Beastmaster Karen. After obtaining the Beast Spore Triumph destiny 2Fever Dream will be unlocked, bringing Guardians closer to the coveted title of Death.

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destiny 2 Available on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Google Stadia platforms.

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