How Tall Is Wednesday’s Jenna Ortega?

Netflix’s Wednesday adaptation, Addams’ oldest child, broke records thanks to Jenna Ortega’s performance, but how tall is she?

Wednesday’s latest adaptation of the Netflix series of the same name Wednesday That quickly made the host, Jenna Ortega, an even bigger star. After the show aired on Wednesday, she enrolled at the infamous Nevermore College, known for its unusual student population. The other members of Adams make brief appearances throughout, but the focus is always on Adams’ oldest child as she uncovers hidden secrets from her past about family, college, and the city. Jericho town.

To be fair, fourth star Jenna Ortega is making steady progress. Although only 20 years old, she already has over 40 acting credits and in recent years she has taken on more leading and prominent roles. But with the magic of cameras, loafers, and a variety of characters from teens to twenties, it’s hard to determine how tall Ortega really is. According to a recent interview Wiredshe’s 5ft 1in, “maybe a little shorter.”

How Jenna Ortega’s Height Affected Her Look on Wednesday

Wed Season 1 Wed Addams Hyde Monster Night Shadow Book

Wednesday’s gothic look in the episode perfectly suits director Tim Burton’s aesthetic. The contrast is strong, mostly black and white, with some vibrant colors. Thanks in part to Ortega’s tall height, the large-soled boots are a gothic staple, adding to the collection’s unique flair and helping Wednesday stand out from the crowd of the outcast and the underdog. abandoned.

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Wednesday’s platform shoes can also be a practical decision

Jenna Ortega Dancing Wednesday Episode 4

With the exception of Wednesday’s on-screen best friend, Enid, played by Emma Myers, most of the actors are a very different height from Ortega. Miles is 5ft 3in but many others are between 5ft 5in 1/2 and Luis Guzman as tall as 6ft 3in as Gomez Adams, who is playing Principal Weems Gwendoline Christie’s Height. To ensure that Wednesday wasn’t overshadowed by her co-stars, the producer used a variety of tricks to ensure that the height difference wasn’t too distracting.

In addition to helping shape Wednesday’s character and give her a unique style, these platforms give actors a more level playing field, allowing performances to take center stage. Ortega’s performance was critically acclaimed and helped the series earn higher ratings in its first week than any other English-language Netflix series, including strange things, showing that size does not interfere. Netflix unconfirmed Wednesday Season 2, but due to the incredible response to the series so far, it will likely be renewed.

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