How Stefan & Elena’s Doppelgangers Changed TVD Canon (& Why It Was Controversial)?

expand doppelgänger . knowledge Diary of a vampire There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Stefan and Elena’s relationship. TVD technically yes Diary of a vampire The books were by LJ Smith, but doppelgängers marked one of the first major changes in the canon (and even one that the series established at the time). Stefan and Elena fall in love at first sight, and even as Elena begins to fall in love with Damon, her previous relationship with Stefan remains problematic.

Diary of a vampireThe biggest change in the books begins when Damon takes Elena from Stefan, but the power behind the love triangle comes from the fact that the passionate love between Elena and Damon isn’t necessarily more, the love between The more innocent she and Stefan, the better. After her parents die, Elena needs to find something good in the world, and Stefan is the sleepy, moral vampire for the job. Their direct connection makes a lot of sense as Stefan is also a couple and reveals that he and Elena’s ancestors are having an affair.

How The Travelers Changed the Doppelganger Prophecy (& TVD Canon)

The connection between couples was first discussed by Qetsiyah, author of The Other Side, who noted that couples have been in love throughout history and that the characters think it is. However, a traveler named Marcus revealed that he cast a spell that gathered clones from each line so that their lineage could be used to break the curse. This change means that couples are not destined to fall in love, nor do they fall in love voluntarily. By linking tourists with doppelgänger, Diary of a vampire It is implied that Stefan’s love for Katherine and Elena is completely fake.

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The film establishes that Catherine and Stefan met by chance in 1864, and while Catherine chooses to have Damon and Stefan, Marcos’ spell means her immediate attraction to Stefan may not real. Likewise, while Stefan chose to learn more about Elena after he ran into her, the spell meant coincidence and agency had nothing to do with that. The spell restarts two encounters and destroys the authenticity of two of Stefan’s most important relationships.

Why is Stefan and Elena’s relationship controversial?

Stefan encounters Elena in The Vampire Diaries.

The doppelganger change was controversial, as it dealt a blow to Stefan and Elena’s relationship. Both characters see a vision of a happy life Diary of a vampire In season 5, episode 18, “Resident Evil”, it is clear that their love for each other can be emulated. It was revealed that Markos had enchanted his doppelganger making any romantic moments between Stefan and Elena a fake, like the controversial father-son relationship between Damon and Elena.

The love triangle between brothers Elena and Salvatore has historically been an important part of the show and its fans, so something that damages one of those relationships is bound to cause controversy. . Markos’ spell broke the foundation of the series, and while some viewers may accept or ignore the changes to the rules and what they mean for Stefan and Elena’s romance, they also risk losing their investment in a show that no longer feels authentic. relationship.viewer viewed Diary of a vampire As has often happened since it ended, the spell of the five clones (including Stefan and Elena) will likely continue to be a matter of controversy unless future spin-offs find a way. solve the legend of the clone.

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