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Steven Crowder, a Canadian-American television personality, is currently at odds with The Daily Wire, a conservative news website, over a $50 million contract. On January 17, the 35-year-old posted a 28-minute video on YouTube in which he argued that conservative media corporations are “no better than Big Tech companies”. He captioned the video without naming anyone, as follows:

“The people you believe are working for you prioritize getting rich quick and pleasing their tech gurus over any truly conservative ideals.”

In the video, the media personality says that he previously believes all right-wing media are “united” in the fight against big tech, but that many senior executives “command the big conservative background” seems to be in bed with them.

“A big scam[servative] he went to bed with Big Tech; a lot of it is a big scam.

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Furthermore, he showed him contracts presented by the right-wing media, as well as conditions for reducing compensation in case they were not fulfilled. At first glance, one might believe Steven Crowder is referring to Fox Media, a similarly conservative company, but it’s The Daily Wire, valued at around $150 million and looking to grow by developing develop youth films and media with small audiences.

How much money does Steven Crowder have compared to The Daily Wire?

Crowder’s net worth is reported to be $4 million, which he has amassed over the years through his podcast and daily YouTube channel, Louder with Crowder. As for The Daily Wire, Axios reported in February 2022 that the conservative media outlet was valued at $100 million. Forbes estimated his net worth at $150 million in April of that year, with 200 full-time employees.

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On January 18, Daily Wire co-CEO Jeremy Boreing posted a video on the organization’s YouTube channel in which he addressed Steven Crowder’s claims and claims, while acknowledging that he’s really talking about his job. Boreing says in the 52-minute video that Steven Crowder is “one of the nation’s best performers,” but he finds it disrespectful that he pretends to be the only one behind his success despite continuously funded by billionaires and large corporations.

“In my opinion, Steven is one of the most talented conservative performers. However, Steven was never asked to set up a company to distribute, advertise, and monetize all of that material.”

He then pointed to parts of Crowder’s video that he found offensive. “Steven has always worked for other people and other people get paid. But that doesn’t mean he should let others tell him what to say. However, he is not a self-made guy. When I met him, he was being paid by PJ TV, which at the time was owned by a billionaire. Then, for many years, it was owned by CRTV, which at the time was controlled by a billionaire.”

He added that Steven Crowder has generated “a lot of income” from all of his business ventures, adding that he doesn’t need to grow them all and “doesn’t have to worry about it.” :”

“It’s not necessarily profitable, and he doesn’t know for sure if it’s profitable because, as he said, all those companies don’t provide information about what’s going on. So Steven was convinced his presentation was profitable, but he didn’t know.”

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Steven Crowder

In the same video, an image of Crowder’s contract was shown, which states that his price will be “$50 million for the initial term, plus an additional $25 million if the term is renewed.” be extended.”

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