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Big Brunch, HBO’s next food show, will be hosted by Schitt’s Creek actor Dany Levy. Levy, who also created this show, has a net worth of $14 million thanks to his successful acting career. In a recent interview with Humans magazine, the Emmy-winning actor said that while he was initially skeptical about his new cooking show, it eventually “regained my confidence.” believe in people.”

Big Brunch begins with three episodes on November 10. The eight-episode unscripted series will feature ten chefs who will share not only their cooking but also their experiences with the world. Contestants in the breakfast themed show will create a variety of dishes, meals and drinks to win a $300,000 grand prize.

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Meet the host of The Big Brunch before the series premiere.

Dan Levy, 39, is a Toronto-born actor, comedian, screenwriter and television producer who attended the North Toronto Collegiate Institute. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Levy’s successful career in the entertainment industry has contributed to his net worth of $14 million. According to the website, in 2019, Levy purchased a large property for $4.13 million in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles. Early in his career, he was one of seven co-hosts of MTV Live in Canada. Dan and his father Eugene founded the film company Not a Real Company Productions in 2013. This is the company that has continued to develop Schitt’s Creek, a critically acclaimed comedy.

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The Big Brunch host is a member of the LGBTQIA+ community who came out as gay at the age of 18. However, for years, he refused to discuss his sexuality in public. . That changed in 2020 when Levy went public in an interview with Andy Cohen.

In a recent interview, Dan Levy talked about his cooking show.

Dan Levy told PEOPLE about The Big Brunch that he finds it difficult to be part of a “non-regulatory environment” because it is so different from his experience at Schitt’s Creek. He declared:

“‘Well, is this the right decision?’ There are times when I wonder ‘Am I on the right track?’ Because this ridiculous job has a habit of making you question your intuition.”

Dan Levy

He told the newspaper that the candidates and their personalities helped him change his perspective and overcome his anxieties. He said they assured him that “everything will be fine”.

He continued:

“It’s been so inspiring to see them help, support and encourage each other in ways that I believe surprise them as well.”

Levy also participated in the selection process of The Big Brunch. He wanted the cast of the series to share their culinary history with viewers. In the food show, contestants will work with each other, not against each other, a significant change from the usual structure of such events.

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