Tristan Tate's height, brother, daughter, net worth, Instagram, kickboxing career

Tristan Tate is a former martial artist, TV celebrity, and online personality. He is the younger brother to Andrew Tate, who also has a similar career trajectory. Today, we delve into Tristan Tate’s height, family life, career milestones, and his net worth.

Tristan Tate height
Tristan is a former British Kickboxing champion. Photo by @TatenewsSource: Twitter

Tristan and his brother Andrew have made headlines in the past few years after building up personas as online masculinity coaches and financial advisors. They have also faced criminal charges in Romania, their country of residence.

Profile Summary

How old is Tristan Tate?

He was born on July 15th 1988. As of May 2023, he is 34 years old.

Tristan Tate’s Parents

Tate was born to American military officer Emory Tate and his British mother, Eileen Tate. His father was a renowned chess player. The couple split in 1997, and all the children returned to England with Eileen.

How tall is Tristan Tate?

His height is 193 cm (6 ft 4). His height gave him an advantage during his martial arts career.

Tristan Tate’s Kickboxing Career

Alongside his older brother Andrew, Tristan took up kickboxing as a career early on. Andrew built up a decent kickboxing record of 43 wins and nine losses. He won the European kickboxing title twice before retiring after sustaining an injury.

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Tristan Tate on Shipwrecked

He appeared on the British reality TV show ‘Shipwrecked” in 2011. His brother Andrew also famously appeared on Big Brother in 2016.

Tristan Tate’s wife

Tristan Tate is not married. He, however, has two children with his Romanian partner Christina Pazurati. He keeps his personal life away from the public domain.

Tristan Tate’s daughter

He has two young daughters. His youngest daughter was born in February 2023 while he was still in prison.

Tristan Tate’s Business

He and his brother run a set of webcamming studios known as Webcam Studios. They also run an online learning platform called ‘Hustler’s University’, which is meant to give lessons to entrepreneurs. He and his brother Andrew also runs a YouTube channel where he interacts with fans.

Who is Luke Tate?

Luke is a cousin to the Tate brothers. He frequently appears alongside them in videos. He is sometimes referred to as the ‘third Tate brother.”

Andrew and Tristan Tate

Andrew Tate is his older brother. The two are inseparable, and their career paths have been similar as they went from kickboxing to TV to social media. They were both arrested in Romania in December 2022 over several charges.

Andrew and Tristan
The Tate brothers under police custody in Romania. Daniel Mihailescu/AFPSource: Getty Images

Tristan Tate’s arrest

In December 2022, the brothers were arrested by Romanian police. They were charged with human trafficking and running an illegal adult video ring.

Tristan Tate after prison

Tristan Tate was released alongside his brother Andrew from police custody on April 1 2023. A Romanian judge ordered them to be detained under house arrest.

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What is Tristan Tate’s Instagram?

Instagram took down his handle in early 2023 after he was charged with human trafficking in Romania. As of May 2023, it had not been restored.

Tristan Tate’s photos

Tristan is known for his love of fashion and flashy cars. He and his brother often record their videos displaying cigars.

Tristan Tate Photos
Photo by @TateNews on TwitterSource: Twitter

Tristan Tate’s net worth as per Forbes

According to, he is worth $160 million. This amount is said to be from his entrepreneurial ventures. Forbes is yet to release their valuation of the Tate brothers.

Tristan Tate’s exploits in kickboxing have been superseded by his lively post-retirement career. We hope you enjoyed our summary of Tristan Tate’s height, career exploits and net worth.

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