How Many Primogems Are Available In Genshin Impact 3.5

Genshin Impact 3.5 provides some new Destiny and Principles during the patch run. This is the number of available bonuses.

With the release Genshin Shock With patch 3.5 and new characters Dehya and Mika added to the playable list, many players are now hunting for any resources they can find to try to acquire these new characters. While a large number of players are currently missing out on Primogem and Fates following previous releases of fan-favorite characters Alhaitham and Wanderer, the current patch offers plenty of opportunities to reclaim the fan-favorite characters Alhaitham and Wanderer. previous payment. So far, some people are very proactive Genshin Shock Players have released a tentative list, with estimates Genshin Shock Version 3.5.

Genshin Shock Primogems calculation for version 3.5 has been calculated for both free and paid players. Because it’s still early Genshin Shock Version 3.5 runtime, some numbers, such as some events and achievements, are currently estimates only. Most other rewards, including those from The Genshin effect Spiral Abyss and Daily Commissions, consistent on each patch, allow for accurate Primogem overall calculations for these values.

How many total rewards in Genshin Impact version 3.5

Genshin Impact Sumeru View Primal Gem

because Genshin Shock According to version 3.5 by HoYoLAB user SoraHoshina, free players can get 8,160 Yuan and paying players can get 11,940 Yuan. Additionally, 21 Familiar Destinies are available to both player types, plus 31 Free Intertwined Destinies and 35 Destiny Intertwined Destinies available for purchase by players. The Genshin effect enlightened hymns. Overall, this equates to 103 wishes for the free game and 134 wishes for the paid game.

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How to Get Primogem in Genshin Impact Version 3.5

Main drawing for Genshin Impact 3.5, showing Collei, Sucrose, Aether and Paimon sitting in a field in Mondstadt under clear skies.  In the distance was Albedo, with Klee perched on his shoulder, and beyond was Timaeus and his lover.

As with most patches, most of the Primogem available will come from events and The Genshin effect Daily commissions, which means players should focus on completing them within the allotted time frame. Each of these values ​​accounts for 2,520 and 2,260 Primogem in the entire patch, respectively. Also, the most recent value Genshin Shock The patch also introduces a new reward system for completing Archon quests, meaning players will earn Familiar Destiny for each chapter they complete.

In addition, many other rewards sources include new missions and achievements, Spiral Abyss, bonus codes, and in-game letter rewards. Paying players can get a total of 3,780 Primogem from Welkin Moon’s blessings and from The Genshin effect overcome the battle.

Genshin Shock Version 3.5 continues the trend of subtle and interesting character design in the Sumeru region that has left many players in need of more rewards. However, with The Genshin effect With the additional Familiar Fates from the Archon quests, many players will receive a substantial monetary boost, which will hopefully bring them closer to their desired goal. Expected characters Baizhu and Kaveh will appear on the horizon Genshin Shock Version 3.6, now is the perfect time to start saving Primogem for the future.

Source: SoraHoshina/HoYoLAB, Genshin Impact/YouTube

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