How Louise Redknapp is ‘sending clear message’ with hunky new man Drew Michael after heartbreaking split from Jamie

SIX years on from her heartbreaking divorce, Louise Redknapp appears to have finally found love again.

The former Eternal singer, 48, was spotted leaving celebrity hotspot The Groucho Club with hunky Drew Michael on Monday night.


Louise Redknapp was photographed with new squeeze Drew MichaelCredit: BackGridThe mum, 48, hasn't publicly dated since her split from Jamie Redknapp


The mum, 48, hasn’t publicly dated since her split from Jamie Redknapp

Her new squeeze, 39, who used to be a military officer, is the high-flying CEO of a British defence technology company.

The romance is believed to be Louise’s first serious relationship since calling time on her near-20 year marriage to ex-footballer and TV star Jamie Redknapp. 

And according to TV psychologist Jo Hemmings, Drew may be the perfect match for Louise both romantically and professionally – allowing her to send a clear message.

She tells us: “Louise has been very careful with her private life and was clearly very aware of how any bad moves could impact her children. 

“She has not dated recklessly or had a million boyfriends hanging off her arm.

“She has been stoic, patient and not rushed into things until she knew she was ready.

“As someone who has struggled to reinvent herself a couple of times, she probably wanted stability, someone solid, reliable, and not in the limelight. 

“By taking her new relationship public, she is saying ‘My life is fulfilled again’. She may be in a good place to relaunch her career.”

The new romance comes six years after divorcing Jamie Redknapp


The new romance comes six years after divorcing Jamie RedknappCredit: Rex Features

‘Marriage trade-off’

Prior to their divorce, Jamie and Louise, who have two sons together, appeared to have one of the most solid marriages in showbusiness.  

But behind closed doors, the singer had struggled as motherhood put her career on the back-burner – while Jamie’s was flourishing.

She later said: “You can go away and you can work and you can be out of the house for a period of time without letting your kids down. It’s almost like I felt like you couldn’t have both.

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“I used to think you can only have both if you’re really famous and you’re really big and you’re going on massive tours where all of your family can come. And actually, no, you can.”

Jo says this often happens in celebrity marriages and there is usually “a trade-off” that sees the more successful person’s career take the lead.

At the time, Jamie had been transitioning from footballer to commentator and then to TV personality after appearing on A Question Of Sport and A League Of Their Own. 

Jo says: “Jamie’s job would have taken him away quite a lot while her job was to stay at home.

“She said she felt like a ‘Stepford wife’ and I have a feeling that meant she was trying to be everything to everyone. 

“She wanted to relaunch her career, yet clearly is a family and children-orientated woman.”

‘Taste of fame’

Appearing on Strictly in 2016 was the turning point for Louise, who was partnered up with Kevin Clifton.

There she got “another taste of fame” and regained enough confidence to want more than the life of a stay-at-home mum.

Louise found confidence after appearing on Strictly in 2016


Louise found confidence after appearing on Strictly in 2016Credit: BBC Press HandoutLouise taking a break from Strictly rehearsals with other stars


Louise taking a break from Strictly rehearsals with other starsCredit: Collect

At the time, she told Stella magazine: “I didn’t want to continue running around after everyone else, and occasionally promoting a yogurt or doing a little TV presenting job.”

One year on from appearing on Strictly, Louise and Jamie were divorced.

Jo says: “After Strictly, things didn’t work in a practical sense with Jamie any longer.

“Maybe she felt without Jamie she had a higher chance of becoming famous again.

“But after Strictly it didn’t work for her. It may have been one of those things in life which she just wasn’t able to pick back up and be as popular again.” 

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Following their divorce, Jamie started dating model Frida Andersson-Lourie in 2019.

Within two years they were married and had their son Raphael.

Louise has openly admitted it was hard to see her ex find someone new and candidly revealed her struggles since the split.

Jo said: “Louise was heartbroken when Jamie met someone so quickly. But he wasn’t at fault, some people find it easier to mend a broken heart by finding someone else.

Jamie now has a new life with wife Frida and their son Raphael


Jamie now has a new life with wife Frida and their son RaphaelCredit: instagram

“Even though Louise was instrumental in ending their relationship it would have left a bad taste in her mouth.” 

‘Another chance’

Louise has been extremely open in the wake of the divorce and admits she wishes she would “have paused for a minute” before rushing to end things with Jamie.

She told You Magazine: “Before anyone could stop me, I just ran as fast as the wind would take me. I never once looked behind, until maybe too late.

“I should have paused for a minute and thought about other people and had just a bit more time to work out why I felt I couldn’t do it anymore.”

Despite the heartache, Jo says being so “candid” could help Louise in future attempts to reinvent herself. 

“Being so very candid and honest makes her seem more human and three-dimensional, which resonates with people,” she says. 

“Celebrities regularly share cryptic Instagram posts that spin a yarn for self-preservation or whatever they want their audience to see. 

“But with Louise, the comments about the break-up came from her heart every step of the way and that could pay off in the long run. 

“She handles herself very well and you don’t feel there is any duplicity with her. It’s raw and pure honesty, which is quite charming.”

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Now Louise appears to have found love with Drew and it’s believed she could be planning to reinvent herself once again. 

Jo says: “She could have been in the spotlight right after the split but she knew not to do it until she was ready, which was a wise decision.

“Drew seems like the kind of guy who could work for her. He isn’t looking to gain anything for himself and will likely be very supportive of her plans. 

“He is attractive and appears to be the sort of guy who has achieved, and continues to achieve, and is successful in a less volatile industry than football. This kind of guy could work for her.

“Louise is relatively young, talented, kind and has a lot of good qualities. She deserves another chance at fame, what form that will take we will have to wait and see.”

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