How a teddy bear can keep warm and save a three-year-old boy lost in the forest

A three-year-old boy who lived through two cold nights said the bear kept him warm and protected him. In North Carolina, Casey Hathway disappeared from her grandmother’s house. Apparently the family was confused. The boy’s family believes the young man has decided to leave the garden. She left him in the garden to play.

Even looking for a child in Northern California in Ernul. They couldn’t find him. She called the police. There was no hope of finding the lost boy on a cold winter day.

The boy was not found for several days. The important thing is that Casey is alive, safe and healthy. It’s very cold in Northern California in January. Casey doesn’t wear warm clothes because it’s cold.

A miracle happened. Casey was found in the bush. But to everyone’s surprise, he returned alive and well. The story of how he survived is fascinating. He is very mysterious.

The kid’s aunt says the boy has a new best friend these days. That friend is a bear as if god sent a bear to save the boy

McFayden said they were lucky the boy was still alive. Despite the harsh conditions outside, it was thanks to the bear that he was still alive. On the first night when it lost degrees, the temperature dropped by 20 degrees.

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