HOTD’s Blackwood Vs. Bracken Feud Is More Important Than You Think

Warning: This post contains spoilers George RR Martin House of Fire and Blood and Dragons Episode 7. dragon house The Blackwoods and Brackens are introduced through little kids disagreements, and don’t be fooled – two of the most important names in First Men history. Actually, there are several reasons for the first problem: dragon house The scenes involving these families are memorable given Westeros’ tradition of killing political opponents in front of a full courtroom. Although William Blackwood and the bully (Jerell Bracken) he stabbed to death were just children, the rivalry between these ancient families dates back to the age of heroes. fire and bloodThe Blackwood and Bracken families are also key characters in A Dance with Dragons.

Although House Blackwood and House Bracken were both sworn vassals of House Tarly, they were both known as the most powerful houses in the Riverlands. House Blackwood ruled from Raventree Hall and the north bank of the Red Fork, while House Bracken ruled from Stonehedge south of the river, and both commanded the most powerful armies in the region. The number of wars between these two families is only equal to the number of peace treaties and marriages between them. As Horst Blackwood once said, “Every Bracken has a Bracken, and every Bracken has a Bracken.” While the marriage contract fostered decades of peace between the two, even the slightest new quarrel was enough to reopen old wounds from their rivalry. Throughout the history of Westeros, dragon houseHouse Targaryen was just one of many foreign powers that used the Blackwood-Bracken enmity to wage war.

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That’s why small councils dragon house Lord Blackwood accused the Bracken family of taking their horses to graze in the Blackwood fields in the middle of the night, and they had taken the time to discuss this seemingly trivial matter. While Alison Hightower was right to point out that this was something the Tarly needed to fix, Rhaenyra Targaryen was also right to remind the Small Council that the Blackwoods and the Bracken would use any excuse to bring each other down. Strangely, this is in stark contrast to Rhaenyra’s first encounter with two subordinates, who were indirectly responsible for the escalating argument that led to William’s murder of Jerrell, then deliberately ignoring the outcome. fruit. dragon house Without Blackwoods and Breckens in Season 1, Episode 6, “Princess and Queen,” Aliceente and Rhaenyra’s small council discussion heralds how the Riverlands’ two most powerful houses will continue to compete in Dragon Dance .

Blackwood and Brackens rivalry predated House of the Dragon

about 10,000 years ago dragon houseIn “The First Men and the Children of the Forest”, The First Men and Children of the Forest made a pact, ending centuries of war and ushering in nearly four thousand years of peace and greatness, called Age of Heroes, during which Bray The Kens and Blackwoods ruled as kings. However, according to House Blackwood, House Bracken was just a petty lord who hired mercenaries to usurp the Blackwood throne. Meanwhile, the Brackens claimed their ancestors were kings, and their vassals – the Blackwoods – were the real usurpers. Since these events predated Aegon’s dreams or prophecies by thousands of years – during the Age of Heroes, recorded in stories and songs and not books – the respective accounts of the Blackwoods and Brackens remains unresolved. confirmed.

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Who do Brackens and Blackwood support in ‘A Dance with the Dragon’?

Aliceente and Rhaenyla look into each other's eyes in House of the Dragon

exist fire and blood, In Dragon Dance, House Blackwood supported Rhaenyra (Black), while House Brackens supported Allison Greens and Aegon II fighting for the Iron Throne. The strange thing is, dragon houseWilliam Blackwood and Jarrell Bracken do not exist in the book, but they are inspired by the characters in the book, namely Lord Samwell Blackwood and Sir Amos Bracken. While the Blackwood boys had the upper hand over Brecon dragon houseSamwell Blackwood actually lost Rhaenyla’s backing in duel with Sir Amos Bracken fire and blood, Amos even killed Samwell in a duel afterwards. The show essentially reversed their fortunes in the books. It means, dragon house Season two will likely be true to which side of the Iron Throne the Blackwoods and Brackens were in during the Targaryen Civil War.

House of Breckens and Blackwoods in Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones - Bran and the Three-Eyed Raven

front dragon house, Game of Thrones During the first season trade showdown, House Blackwood and House Bracken hung their respective banners, and their members visited King’s Landing from either side of the Red Fork in the Riverlands. During the War of the Five Kings, Lord Jonos Bracken proposed to the Lords of the North and Riverlands to aid Renly Baratheon, but later fought for House Tully and King Robb Stark. Also, after the Red Wedding and after Riverrun was liberated by the North River army, the Black Forest clan rebelled against the Frey clan. It is worth noting that the most important Blackwood in Westeros history also appears in the play- game of thrones’ The Three-Eyed Raven, also known as the Brynden River or the Blood Raven, was the bastard child of King Aegon IV and Lady Melissa Blackwood. Bloodraven not only taught Bran Stark to be a Greenseer, but also to become the next Three-Eyed Raven after his death. dragon house Explore teasers of Westeros’ oldest known rivalry, more Blackwoods and Brackens to be introduced to viewers soon.

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