Horror moment YouTuber Tanner Cook is shot in the gut in busy mall as prank for ‘Classified Goons’ channel goes wrong

THIS is the horror moment a YouTuber was shot in the stomach in a packed mall during prank gone wrong.

Footage shows the testy encounter between Tanner Cook, 21, one of the personalities behind the Classified Goons channel, and Alan Colie, a 31-year-old food delivery driver.


The moment Alan Colie shoots the YouTuber as he harassed him for a prankCredit: YouTube/ Fox5The pranksters ambushed Colie, left, at the Dulles Town Center in Virginia


The pranksters ambushed Colie, left, at the Dulles Town Center in VirginiaCredit: YouTube/ Fox5Tanner Cook was shot in the stomach and liver


Tanner Cook was shot in the stomach and liver

Cook is seen approaching Colie at the Popeye’s counter in Dulles Town Center in Sterling, Virginia.

He shoves his phone in Colie’s face and uses the Google translate app to repeat the phrase “Hey dips**t, quit thinking about my twinkle” in both English and Spanish.

Colie backs away and asks Cook to stop three times. He attempts to push the phone away from his face, but Cook persists.

After 20 seconds of this, Colie pulls out a gun and shoots Cook in the abdomen.

The bullet pierced Cook’s stomach and liver, and he spent several days fighting for his life in intensive care.

Police officers pinned Colie down and arrested him at the scene in April this year.

On Thursday, a jury found him not guilty of aggravated malicious wounding.

His lawyers had argued he acted in self-defence.

Colie was also acquitted of of a lesser firearms charge but convicted of another, which he plans to appeal.

During the trial, prosecutor Eden Holmes said Cook’s prank was non-threatening and Colie needed a reasonable fear of imminent danger to claims self-defence.

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He told the court: “They were playing a silly phrase on a phone.

“How could the defendant have found that he was reasonably in fear of imminent bodily harm?

“They were holding cellphones, not weapons.”

But Adam Pouilliard, Colie’s defence attorney, blamed Cook’s 6ft 4in stature for his client’s reaction during the confrontation.

He said that the YouTuber was “trying to confuse people to post videos. He’s not worried that he’s scaring people. He keeps doing this.”

Many people have taken to social media in support of Colie, saying that Cook was harassing him.

Cook’s controversial YouTube channel Classified Goons has amassed 50,000 subscribers.

Previous stunts on the channel have included taking rackets from tennis players and pretending to vomit on Uber drivers.

Cook has asserted that the shooting has not deterred him from his prankster lifestyle and that he will continue to make videos.

He has posted three new videos since being shot.

Colie reportedly asked the YoTuber to stop three times


Colie reportedly asked the YoTuber to stop three timesCredit: YouTube/ Fox5Colie was acquitted after claiming he acted in self-defence


Colie was acquitted after claiming he acted in self-defenceCredit: AP

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