Horoscope Friday 5/5: fortune telling love, work, health and money

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Do you want to know what fate has in store for you? You’ve come to the right place. This time we will introduce you to everyone guess from Zodiac sign, from Aries (fire sign) to Pisces (water sign) where you can get an idea of ​​how your day will turn out. Don’t forget that the Flowering Moon (Lunar Eclipse) will occur on Friday, May 5, and this can significantly affect some zodiac signs. Look here horoscope.

  • Aries

You will have a great ability to form relationships with others and your imagination will be at its peak so that you can solve any problem that comes your way. Remember to stay calm and relaxed, especially if you have a partner with whom you may have difficulty due to mood swings.


You may feel that you are in a bad mood and this will affect the people around you. The best advice for Taurus this Friday is to give yourself space, need to relax and have fun. If you have a partner, keep your distance because it can drive you crazy very quickly.

  • Gemini

You feel like your love life is going bad lately and you think the problem is with someone else, but it’s not. Maybe you are not looking at the right person, and the right person is very close to you. As for jobs and the economy, things will take an upward trajectory from this point on.


Today is not a good day to interact with others. You are one of the signs most affected by the Flower Moon on May 5, you will feel irritable and have little patience. On a couple level, listen more carefully to what this special person is saying to you because they feel left out.

  • LION
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Think carefully about all the important decisions you will make this weekend, be cautious and act prudently. Unpleasant trips await you in terms of business, but you will still do quite well economically. Remember not to be aggressive towards others.


You need to work even harder to show your kindness to others and empathy. Don’t lose patience with the personal challenges you set for yourself, especially at work where you will get results, but not in the short term. Avoid family discussions that create a great psychological burden.


You haven’t been spending much time with your friends lately and it’s been bothering you because you’ve been feeling homesick for the past few days. Try to carry on the days that make you full of life. In all other respects, a great day awaits you, Libra.


You will be the most capricious zodiac sign of all. Stay calm during the day and focus on your financial affairs where you may have to make some important financial expenses. Don’t forget that you should also vent if you need to.


Of the 12 signs of the zodiac, you are the one who will excel at that job, Sagittarius. You will be able to implement a plan that you have had for a long time and your economy will be completely profitable. In love, you may meet someone who will change you and disrupt your plans.

  • Capricorn

If you feel uncomfortable inside because of other people’s dislike, this is a good time to put it aside. Don’t be demanding of yourself either. The best thing for you this weekend will be to get out, relax and do something different from your daily routine.

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You will feel disappointed after not getting what you wanted. But don’t worry, this will open up some new opportunities for personal and business growth. Rely on your family who will be your best support in these matters.

  • FISH

In the work area, you will retain a certain aggression towards your co-workers, perhaps because of the above. You need to relax a bit, besides, your intuition will be very accurate: let it go


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