Hogwarts Legacy Proves Video Games Are The Only Future For Harry Potter

The Hogwarts legacy has changed the brand in many ways, possibly even indicating that future Harry Potter books and movies are no longer on the table.

The wizarding world takes a step in an exciting direction hogwarts heritageit could really be the harbinger of the future for the entire franchise. Harry Potter The series is no stranger to spinoffs and adaptations across a variety of mediums, from books to mobile games, and it’s hard to imagine such a vast universe restricting how it can be consumed. However, the future seems Harry Potter likely to exist only in the video game industry and hogwarts heritage is valid proof of this.

While it’s certainly the most popular game out there, Portkey Games’ recent open-world RPG isn’t the only one. Harry Potter The game plunges into digital media. The movie partner game was released on several platforms in early 2001 and has achieved remarkable results. In reality, hogwarts heritageSpell Cards pay homage to old titles, even more than 20 years old. However, it is the series’ newest video game franchise that underpins its future in the gaming arena.

The success of the Hogwarts legacy could inspire future Harry Potter video games

In Legacy of Hogwarts, two Memorial Keepers walk towards the camera with their swords raised.

hogwarts heritage by far the most successful Harry Potter The best game of all time and is becoming one of the most successful RPGs. According to typethe game tracked over 152 million hours of gameplay in the first six days of its official release: an astounding number that will only continue to grow as new mages decide to join. With numbers like these, it makes sense hogwarts heritageThe sequels will expand on its success. After all, Warner Bros. revealed hogwarts heritage is the beginning of a new franchise, not a standalone title.

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Slytherin student player who inherits Hogwarts Takes the multi-fluid potion for the main story quest

In spite of hogwarts heritage Never beat PS1 magic stone game, Harry Potter The spinoffs have not always achieved this level of success (or anywhere close to it). The most important, Where are the wonderful beasts Despite releasing a total of three high-budget films, the series is not very popular in the wizarding world. hogwarts heritage was an earlier prequel, but it set a very different pace for the franchise, proving that video games were the way to go for Warner Bros. With this in mind, every potential or plan Harry Potter It is conceivable that the adaptation could be replaced by a video game to repeat the same success.

with popular Harry Potter Franchise, it can take a long time for fans to stop receiving new content. In spite of hogwarts heritage With no current DLC plans, The Witcher can rest assured that they will see some future expansion or even a sequel. The Wizarding World may have had early success with books and movies, but it looks like its future lies in hogwarts heritage and video games as a medium.

Source: Diversity, Hogwarts Heritage/YouTube

Editor’s note: Harry Potter author JK Rowling has been accused of being transgender by people in the LGBTQ+ community. Although not directly involved in the development of Hogwarts Legacy, Rowling still earns royalties from the game. We would like to reiterate our support for transgender rights, transgender identity is valid. Support services for transgender people affected by discussions of transgenderism are listed below.

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