Hogwarts Legacy: how to solve the Herodiana Halls puzzles

There are many side quests and optional activities that you can do. Hogwarts Legacy They vary in difficulty and rewards. However, there is one side quest that stands out from the rest in terms of how difficult it is to not only complete it, but even start it. The Halls of Herodian quest is not something you will stumble upon, nor will you make your way through. Rather than break your wand in frustration, here’s how to start and solve each puzzle in the Herodian Halls quest.

How to start the Halls of Herodian quest

Starting the search is the first challenge. Fortunately, it is not difficult; it’s just that they never pointed it out to you.

Step 1: Go to the Charms Classroom.

Step 2: Find and talk to Sophronia Franklin.

Step 3 – Accept the quest and follow the marker to the secret door on the bottom floor of the Dark Defense Tower.

Step 4: Use Depulso to open the door and go inside.

A wizard solving a block puzzle.

How to solve the first puzzle

The next three puzzles involve pushing blocks to create a path forward. The two spells you will need are Depulso and Accio.

Step 1: Use Depulso to push the two blocks against the east wall.

Step 2 – Go up the blocks and exit this room.

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How to solve the second puzzle

The second puzzle will be harder than the first, but not too hard to do.

Step 1 – Use Depulso on a moving block on the top level to move it west.

Step 2: Stand on top of the stationary blocks and throw Accio at the moving block to line it up.

Step 3 – Jump to the now complete row of blocks and exit the room.

Step 4: There is an additional chest in this room that you can also get before leaving.

Step 5: Look towards the exit and cast Accio to move the block towards you.

Step 6 – Climb up the blocks to get over the entrance and loot the treasure chest.

Step 7 – To get back to the exit, simply use Depulso to push the block towards the wall next to the exit to reach it again.

A magician pushing a block with a spell.

How to complete the third puzzle

This is the hardest one so far and it can easily confuse you. Here’s how to overcome it.

Step 1 – Use Accio to pull a moving block towards the south wall.

Step 2: Use Depulso to push him towards the switch.

Step 3: Throw Accio to get him to the north wall and climb up to jump down and activate the switch. This will unlock.

Step 4: Now cast Accio again to pull the block towards the east and west walls to make a full bridge across.

Step 5 – Travel and claim the final reward.

How to get the extra chest in the third puzzle

If you’re interested in some extra loot for all your hard work solving these puzzles, here’s how to get the extra chest in the third chamber.

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Step 1 – Push the block towards the back of the room from its starting position.

Step 2 – Climb up the stationary blocks on the left.

Step 3: Use Depuslo to push the block towards the right wall.

Step 4: Throw the Accio to pull the block onto the stationary platform with the switch on.

Step 5 – Use Accio to move the block left and up towards the stationary blocks.

Step 6: Go behind the block and cast Depulso to move it completely against the wall.

Step 7 – Go up and open the chest.

Step 8 – You will need to reset the room and start resolving the room again as above.

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