History Of The World 2’s Prehistoric Drug Really Did Exist Back Then

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The true story behind “History of the World” Part II is often more accurate than people realize, but does that apply to prehistoric medicine?

Mel Brooks World History, Part II Lots of shocking historical descriptions are provided, but the display of prehistoric drugs really makes for an interesting point. Originally published in 1981, World History, Part 1 is a sketch film that gives hints of what history really looks like, showing various depictions of the Roman Empire, the French Revolution, and the Spanish Inquisition, along with descriptions other. Forty years later, Hulu announced a series of sequels, World History, Part II. While the timing for the original Hulu sequel is different from Mel Brooks’ first film, the prehistoric era is what the two have in common.

exist World History, Part II, Mel Brooks’ film offers another story about the discovery of fire. The Hulu series depicts prehistoric humans trying to find fire to smoke marijuana. Many people may condemn this sketch as completely historically inaccurate, but consider World History, Part II Both are playing with history and presenting true stories, so it’s hard to completely discredit prehistoric drug sketches. World History, Part IIStories are often more accurate than people realize, but whether this accuracy extends to prehistoric drugs is not immediately clear.

Cannabis is older than you think


World History, Part IIThe prehistoric drug sketch may seem like one of the Hulu show’s more ludicrous jokes at first, but it’s not as far-fetched as one might think. The use of stimulants such as alcohol has a long history, but because cannabis is closely linked to the counterculture movement of the 1960s and 1970s (e.g. the TV show That’s 70 performances), cannabis is considered semi-modern. In fact, this drug has a much longer history of use than most people think.

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based on University of SydneyThe use of cannabis dates back to Central Asia or western China, with the first recorded use of the substance dating back to 2800 BC. Of course, this is thousands of years after the Stone Age, which makes the historical description of the Hulu show inaccurate — but it also makes an important point that the history of cannabis theoretically makes this is less relevant than others think. maybe. Although it was intentionally surreal, historical records of early cannabis use show World History, Part IIHistorical accounts of things are not always as outlandish as they seem.

How a sketch in world history Part 2 became an important historical point


Beyond entertainment, Hulu’s World History, Part II Its sketches of prehistoric drugs present an interesting historical perspective. Many people in a particular period and/or region believe that they derive from different activities or ways of life. However, the truth behind the skit in the Mel Brooks sequel shows that the reality of history is far from what people think. World History, Part II While the history isn’t entirely accurate, the Hulu series will not only be amusing, but will make viewers reconsider their preconceptions about history.

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