Hidden number lurks in magic optical illusion – can you see it?

THIS picture may look pretty ordinary, but it holds a secret.

The number is hidden in it, and not everyone will be able to see it.


You see it? Credit: @seethatmagic

The hack was shared by TikToker SeeThatMagic, and fans on the platform are divided.

Some can distinguish the number and some cannot.

“Look at the center of the screen, move your nose closer to the screen, and slowly move away,” explains SeeThatMagic.

“What number do you see?”

A clever illusion is actually known as an autostereogram.

Some know it as the Magic Eye, after a series of books on the trick.

It works by tricking our eyes and brain into seeing a three-dimensional scene within a two-dimensional image.

If you don’t see it, we can reveal that the hidden number is… 0.

You’re not alone if you don’t see it: try it with a friend or family member to see if it shows up for them.

If you want to try again, there are other autostereogram tricks.

This one is hiding something among a bunch of emoji faces.

There is also another rain theme worth trying.

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