Hidden Animal Optical Illusion: Can you find the cat in the bush after 11 seconds?

Illusion is derived from the Latin word illusion, which meant to mock or deceive. This optical illusion depicts a hidden animal. One of the easiest tests to determine attention is the use of optical illusion pictures, which are created to trick the human mind.

We often believe that the brain’s capacity to fill in the blanks left by the information our eyes receive shapes our sense of reality.

Images of optical illusions have been used by neuroscientists to investigate how the brain develops the experience of reality.

The ability to see and solve problems seems to be enhanced in those who routinely solve optical illusion puzzles.

Do you pay close attention?

You may assess your attention span with the short quiz linked below.

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Optical Illusion – Find the cat in the bush in 11 seconds

Source: Reddit

The image above was shared on Reddit, where the user was asked to spot a cat hiding in the bushes in broad daylight.

This scary challenge is driving netizens crazy as many people try to find the cat.

That would be a great way to test your observational abilities.

This is a difficult challenge that requires participants to focus on an image of a cat that is difficult to spot.

The cat blends into its surroundings so skillfully that it is difficult to spot it quickly.

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Only the smartest and most observant individuals can spot the cat in limited time.

Hurry up; time is running out.

Did you spot the cat?

A few more seconds.






Now, how many can you spot the cat within the time limit?

Wondering where the cat is?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the solutions below.

Find a cat in the bush in 11 seconds – solution

The cat is seen in the middle of the bush, it is a tortoiseshell or tortoiseshell cat, which is difficult to spot.


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