HGTV Rico León Parents: David León And Camelia León

Meet the parents of new HGTV host Rico Leon, David Leon and Camelia Leon. He finds out details about his age, job, current marital status and current residence.

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Who are the parents of HGTV’s Rico León?

HGTV star Rico León has become the network’s only star after the new show Rico To The Rescue was announced. The titular presenter was born to his parents David and Camelia Leon. Although the series will premiere in 2023, find out more about the show’s host, especially his parents, in this article.

Born Andrew D Leon in January 1987, he is currently 35 years old. He works as the vice president of marketing at Red Hawk Roofing. He started the business in 2021 and has been running it ever since. Rico is also the owner of Fire & Hail Restoration. His business specializes in fire mitigation and general environmental mitigation in and around the great city of Denver.

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They write, “We are also a full general contractor focusing on rebuilding residential and commercial buildings. Having been in Colorado subcontracting for years, I have been able to see what contractors, adjusters and crews can represent this company.” with integrity, these are all who work to restore the fire and hail.

In addition, Rico is also the founder future consultants.

Meet David León, the father of HGTV’s Rico León

David León is the father of HGTV’s new host, Rico León. Rico and David definitely share a close bond with each other. On Father’s Day 2019, Rico tagged his father on his Facebook and posted: “Happy Father’s Day to the man who gave me a beautiful life! It’s just us in Brazil for the Summer Olympics.”

He captioned the image, “me and the guy who made me lol.”

  • David Leon Age

David Leon is 65 years old. July 1957 marked the year of his birth.

  • What nationality is David León?

David León is Puerto Rican by nationality.

  • Work of David Leon

David León worked at Alcoa Inc. for 32 years. He joined the company in 1980 and worked as a senior project leader/team leader until August 2012. He is now retired, which he announced on his Facebook.

While your LinkedIn claims that at Alcoa inc. David has had various roles over the years. He has served as a Senior/Staff Research Engineer, Technical Supervisor, Program Manager-Government Contracts, and Department Manager-Technology Implementation. In 2012 he joined Icon Information Consultants as a specialist engineering consultant and worked until April 2016.

David was then hired by Headway Workforce Solutions as a Specialty Engineering Consultant, where he retained his employment until May 2022. He is now listed as a semi-retired Specialty Engineering Consultant as of July 2017.

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Moving on to the details of his academic qualifications, David completed high school at Colegio San Antonio de Padua. He studied chemical engineering at the University of Puerto Rico-Mayaguez and earned a bachelor’s degree. In addition, he has a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Pittsburgh.

  • It’s David Leon on Facebook

Yes, David Leon is on Facebook (@ddleon1).

Meet Camelia León, mom of HGTV Rico León

HGTV’s Ric Leon’s beloved mother is named Camelia Leon.

  • Camellia Leon Age

Camelia León is 65 years old because she was born in November 1957.

  • What is the nationality of Camelia León?

Although Camelia León has never revealed her nationality, she is most likely Puerto Rican by nationality.

  • Camelia Leon Work

Unfortunately, there is no information about the work of Camelia Leon.

  • Is Camelia Leon on Facebook?

Although Camelia Leon doesn’t appear to be on Facebook, she has appeared several times on her husband’s Facebook.

  • Where do the parents of HGTV Rico León live today?

In 2022, HGTV star Rico Leon’s parents live in Pennsylvania.

  • Are HGTV Rico Leon’s parents still married?

Judging by the photos posted by Rico’s father, David, they are no longer married. Since at least 2009, David has been seen with another woman who is not Rico’s mother. In fact, David is married to his current wife, Lisa Parsons Orehek Leon, the same woman. They live together in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

  • How many children do the parents of HGTV Rico León have?

Rico Leon appears to be the only child born to his parents David and Camelia Leon.

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