Here’s How you Can Get Past Yahoo Phone Number Verification Easily

Although today there are many options for mail and corporate business, Yahoo Mail is still remembered as the old goat of the game at the time. We used to only have Yahoo Mail as our email name, and many of us probably still have our accounts on it.

Back in 2007, Yahoo! updated the Terms of Service and required all users to verify their accounts with a phone number. Since then, many people have asked Yahoo! to avoid this procedure. However, Yahoo! has stated that it will not remove the option to add phone number verification. It also violates their Terms of Service because the phone number is an official identifier and is optional. There are still people who stick with traditional email services and are fed up with phone number verification.

In this guide, we’ll talk about how you can bypass Yahoo phone number verification and sign in to your Yahoo Mail account.


  • Why is Yahoo phone number verification important?
  • How to Bypass Yahoo Phone Verification?
    • Use an app like Google Voice or Text Now
    • Use a different email address
    • Use any VoIP service like Skype or Viber
  • Why does Yahoo ask for a phone number for verification?
  • Frequently asked questions

Why is Yahoo phone number verification important?

Yahoo phone number verification is an important process where users have to verify their identity by providing a mobile phone number. This can be done via text message or automated call. Yahoo has made it mandatory for users to verify their mobile phone numbers because it wants to ensure that only genuine users can access its service. If any spammers or cybercriminals try to use Yahoo services without good reason, they will be blocked from using them again.

This also ensures that spammers don’t use Yahoo’s services to send messages to random people. Many companies use this type of verification process to ensure that only real users are using their services and not spammers or cybercriminals who want to spread viruses through them. This saves them time, money, and legal troubles later. By verifying your phone number, you also add an extra layer of security and can protect your account from unauthorized access.

Now you know the importance of Yahoo phone number verification. If you still want to know how to bypass Yahoo phone number verification, dive in.

How to Bypass Yahoo Phone Verification?

Yahoo email phone number verification is a security feature that requires users to verify their phone number if they sign up for a new Yahoo account. This helps prevent unauthorized access and other malicious activity on your account.

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If you’ve already verified your phone number, you can skip this step when you sign up for a new Yahoo account or when you want to reset your password or verify your identity. However, if you don’t have a smartphone or don’t want to use it for this purpose, there are ways:

Use an app like Google Voice or TextNow

If you have an Android or iOS device, you can use apps like Google Voice or Instant Messaging to call your number from another device. You can also use these apps to send free text messages from your computer. These apps are very helpful when bypassing the verification code provided by any website or service provider. The process of signing up for Yahoo email is very simple. Just follow the steps below to sign up for Yahoo Mail with TextNow and Google Voice:

Using TextNow

  • The first thing you need to do is download the TextNow app. To download the TextNow Android app, click here; for iPhone click here; and for a browser go to
  • After downloading the TextNow app, follow the onscreen instructions to set up your account, not the number you see during setup, as you need the number during the Yahoo Mail signup process.
  • If you forget to write down the number, don’t worry; Click on the three lines in the upper left corner of the application.

You now have a phone number, so create a yahoo email account with this phone number.

  • Go to and click on the “Sign In” option located in the upper right corner.

Click Sign In

  • On the next screen, click Create New Account.

Click create an account.

  • Now enter details like first name, last name, email address password and in the Phone Number field enter the number you just received from the text and click Continue.

Enter your mobile number and click continue

  • Now, Yahoo will send a verification code to the TextNow mobile number you entered. Open the TextNow app and open the text message sent by Yahoo and copy the verification code.
  • Enter the verification code into Yahoo and click Continue.

Your account is now fully set up. You can enjoy the benefits of a Yahoo email account.

Using Google Voice

  • To get a Google Voice number, go to and sign in with your Gmail account.
  • Read the terms and conditions and click Continue.
  • Now find the mobile number you want by entering your zip code and city number.
  • Select the desired number from the list, click Next and follow the on-screen instructions to set up the account.

You have received a number from Google and now you can sign up for Yahoo using this mobile number.

Follow the first four steps above; then go to, go to the messages section in Google Voice, copy the verification code, enter it into Yahoo and click Continue.

Use a different email address

If you don’t want to use any third-party apps or services for this purpose, you can use a different email address for login purposes instead of the regular one, which will make it easier for you. easily skip this process without any hassle! Let’s talk about how to sign up for Yahoo email with a different email address.

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Creating a Yahoo email account with a different Gmail or Outlook email address is easy. Just follow the steps below:

  • Go to and click Sign In.

Click Sign In

  • On the next screen, click Create Account.

Click create account

  • Now click on “I want to use my current email address”.

click I want to use my current email address

  • Enter the details of your last name, first name, email address (Gmail, Outlook email), password and date of birth and then click Continue.

Enter the details.

  • Yahoo will send you a verification code to the email address you entered.
  • Enter the verification code or click the link in the confirmation email.

Your account has been created and you can now use your email address.

Use any VoIP service like Skype or Viber

If you want to bypass phone number verification and don’t want to use your mobile number, you can do it by using VoIP service like Skype, Viber etc. This is the easiest way to bypass the process. email verifier. All you have to do is download one of these apps to your mobile phone, sign in with your Yahoo account, and enter the code shown on the screen. After entering this code, your account will be verified.

The only downside to this method is that it may take some time for the app to connect to your mobile network provider, so it may take longer than usual. But if you are not in a hurry, this is a good option for you!

There are methods to bypass Yahoo number validation as mentioned above. We recommend using anonymous calling apps like TextNow or Google Voice first. Most of these apps are completely free and in it you can generate a new number and start using that anonymous number with your yahoo account. Alternatively, you can use a different email address or even create a new yahoo account without phone and mobile number verification, thus bypassing it. We know you want to bypass this annoying process, so we have shared different ways to easily achieve this.

Why does Google ask for a phone number for verification?

The reason for this is to protect your privacy and the privacy of other users. This may seem strange, but Yahoo needs your phone number to make sure the account is being used by a real person. To make it harder to abuse the service, here’s why Yahoo needs your phone number to:

  • To verify you’re human— As mentioned earlier, Yahoo needs a phone number to ensure that the account is being used by a real and genuine person, so when you sign up for a Google Account, you’ll need Enter some of your personal information. personal information, such as your name, date of birth, and gender. While all of that might prove you’re human, it’s not enough for Yahoo. And that’s why it sends a verification code to your phone. The main reason Yahoo asks for your phone number is to confirm you’re not a robot.
  • To manage spam accounts— There has been speculation about how many accounts Yahoo allows per number. And when you reach the maximum number of accounts, Google will send you a notification message. This is a useful service for managing spam accounts.
  • To prevent hacking— Whenever you sign in to your account, Yahoo performs a risk analysis. And if it suspects any unusual activity, it will ask the security questions you answered when you signed up. You can also choose two-step verification. This is a method designed to prevent unrecognized login activities by sending a verification code to the account owner whenever suspicious activity is detected, such as logging in from another device. new device, unknown IP address, or other location.
  • Account Recovery— While creating an account, Yahoo asks the user to choose a recovery method. Your phone number is the safest. Because if someone breaks into your account and somehow changes your password, Google will send a reset code to your phone number and you will be able to regain access and control. control your account.
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Frequently asked questions

Can we bypass yahoo verification?

A: Bypassing Yahoo’s verification is certainly doable with some simple steps. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  • Go to the Yahoo login page and enter your email address.
  • Then tap Next and when prompted for a password, click the “Forgot Password” option.
  • Yahoo will then try to check for missing digits in your mobile number, then click the “No, I don’t know the digits” option.

How do I remove Yahoo Mobile Verification?

A: Here’s how you can delete a mobile number or email address:

  • Sign in to the Yahoo Account Security page.
  • Then click Edit next to the confirmation option you want to remove.
  • Now click on the Edit icon next to the recovery option you want to remove.
  • Tap Remove from my account.
  • Now follow the onscreen instructions to confirm the deletion.

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