Hena Doba Parents: Tahmina Faraz And Agha Zulfiquar

The Real Housewives of New Yorkamid reboots and cast changes, it’s causing speculation about who’s staying, who’s leaving, and who’s joining.

So ahead of season 14 of the Bravo show, the producers are said to be looking for Hena Doba, a Pakistani news anchor to join the cast.

Hena, here, she’s been in front of TV cameras for some time. According to her LinkedIn, she currently hosts Cheddar News Cheddar Climate-Fighting for Change, Searching for a Cure-Covid 19, and News Wrap. Not to be outdone, she previously worked as a national correspondent for CBS News in New York. Since she is the first generation of Pakistani race, now we will tell you about the parents of her.

Who are the parents of Hen Doba?

In an earlier interview with Fairfield County Look, Hena Doba revealed that she grew up in Queens and is a first-generation Pakistani. Her parents moved to New York a few months before she was born. She said they did this not only for a better life, but also to ensure that her children had opportunities they never imagined. “To this day, they believe that anything is possible in this country with hard work, courage and discipline,” Ella Hena said, referring to her parents and the United States.

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Hena was with her parents until the 9/11 attacks which occurred on 9/11. She said that she took her camcorder and left her parents’ house trying to get to Manhattan; her as she interviewed New Yorkers along the way. It was then that she began her career in front of the cameras. After a few years, she became the first Pakistani television presenter in the United States.

Meet Hen Dob’s mother, Tahmina Faraz

According to our investigation, Tahmina Faraz is the mother of Hena Doba.

  • Tahmina Faraz Age

Tahmina Faraz was born sometime in 1957. So in 2022 she turned 65.

  • Tahmina Faraz’s work

Professionally, Tahmina is the CEO of KAM Sales & Services corp., a business entity registered with the New York State Department of State (NYSDOS). The company is headquartered on Pine Brook Ave, West Hempstead, and is a national business corporation. She also mentioned on her LinkedIn that she worked as a maritime export manager at R&A in international logistics from September 2007 to today.

Later, in her Facebook BIO, Tahmina also stated that she worked in export and import at PRIME Transport since October 14, 2020.

Also, FYI, DISCOVER BANK filed a contract debt lawsuit against it in December 2020. This case was filed in the Supreme Court of Nassau County, Washington, New York and was reportedly pending.

  • What is the nationality of Tahmina Faraz?

Tahmina was located in West Hempstead, a hamlet and census-designated place in the town of Hempstead, Nassau County, Long Island, New York. From now on, she must have acquired US citizenship.

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Meet Hen Dob’s father, Agha Zulfiqar

Hena Doba’s father is Agha Zulfiqar.

  • Agha Zulfiqar Age

Agha Zulfiqar was born in September 1945. So in 2021 he should have turned 76 years old.

  • Agha Zulfiqar work

On his LinkedIn, Agha Zulfiqar introduces himself as the director of Wizz Professional Interpretation Company; in office for the last 25 years or more. Furthermore, he says that he is a certified interpreter of Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi for US Federal Courts and New Jersey State Courts.

Then we also found out that his namesake company, Agha Zulfiqar Show Inc., has been in business for the past two decades; is registered as a national company.

Agha did twice to his master; once in political science and government from New York University, and before that from the University of Karachi. And while still in Pakistan, he worked as a regional manager at Pakistani International Airlines.

  • What is the nationality of Agha Zulfiqar?

Like his wife, Aha Zlfiquar is originally from Pakistan and has now certainly acquired American citizenship. But then her daughter Hena was tagged as “Pakistani from Queens now living in Connecticut with her husband” by Page Six.

  • Are Hen Dob’s parents still married?

At the time of Hena Doba’s wedding, in 2016, The New York Times reported in its article that Hena is the daughter of “Tahmina Faraz of West Hempstead, NY, and Agha M. Zulfiqar of Jackson Heights, Queens.” It seemed that Hena’s parents were no longer together. But there certainly wasn’t any clue as to whether they were actually divorced, or just living apart, or just being apart at the time because of work.

  • How many children do Hen Dob’s parents have?

Besides her, Hena Doba’s parents have two sons, Humar N Zulfiqar and Waqas A Zulfiqar. Waqas, who turned 41 in 2021, likely lived with his mother in West Hempstead; Humara, who was 48 years old in 2021, lived in Jackson Heights, possibly with her father.

  • Where do Hena Doba’s parents live?

As mentioned above, Hena Doba’s parents were living in two different cities when their daughter married Andrew Ronald Doba. Also, just so you know, Hena was ‘Hena Nadia Daniels’ at the time, probably a name she got from her ex-husband. That. Hena was already married and divorced once before Andrew. The same thing happened to AndrĂ©s.

  • Are Hena Doba’s parents on Instagram?

Hena’s father seemed totally uninterested in the whole social media scene. While his wife and Hena’s mom seemed to be having a good time on their ‘Tahmina Faraz’ Facebook account. He also created a profile on Pinterest.

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