Hell’s Kitchen: Everything To Know About Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe

For fans who can’t get enough of the hit reality series Hell’s Kitchen, there’s a way for you to come close to experiencing the show firsthand. Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe restaurant is the third Hell’s Kitchen restaurant; the first one opened in Las Vegas and the second one opened in Dubai. Here’s what to know about Gordon’s newest eatery.

Gordon Ramsay takes his title as restaurateur very seriously, with 36 restaurants located all around the world. Gordon got his start as an assistant chef, and his very first restaurant, called Gordon Ramsay Restaurant, opened in 1998. The restaurant earned three Michelin stars in its first three years of operation, forcing the fine-dining world to take note of the young chef. When he began the American reality series Hell’s Kitchen in 2005, he already had a reputation for excellence and a few signature dishes. After more than ten years of Hell’s Kitchen enticing viewers with its cutthroat competition and mouthwatering plates, mega fans were invited to have their own Hell’s Kitchen experience at Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas. Now, fans who want to avoid Sin City can get the Hell’s Kitchen feel from the subdued resort town of Lake Tahoe.

Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe opened in late 2019 and is currently open to guests, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe is located within Harvey’s Lake Tahoe Hotel and Casino, which is owned by Caesar’s Palace (where Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas is located). If you visit Lake Tahoe in the summer, you’ll enjoy the clear blue lake. But the town, which is right on the California-Nevada border, transforms into a snowy ski resort during the winter. According to their website, at Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe, “guests will feel like they are on the studio set” of Hell’s Kitchen. The interior is designed to transport diners into the world of Hell’s Kitchen, with the visible cooking area divided in two by red and blue flames along the walls.

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Hell’s Kitchen Lake Tahoe offers many of Gordon Ramsay’s signature dishes that have tormented countless Hell’s Kitchen competitors, like seared scallops and lobster risotto. It also shines the spotlight on some of the cast’s more well-known dishes, such as crispy skin salmon and jidori chicken scallopini. The menu is actually the exact same as the Hell’s Kitchen Las Vegas location, but a better deal. The signature prix fixe menu, which offers three courses and includes classics like Beef Wellington and sticky toffee pudding, is $85 at Caesar’s Palace, but $75 at Lake Tahoe. The to-go menu is even more affordable, with sides like baked macaroni and cheese and roasted brussels sprouts costing $11 each. The Lake Tahoe location has four stars on Yelp with only 400 reviews, whereas the Las Vegas location has four and a half stars with over 6,000 reviews. Lake Tahoe could be the ideal location for folks who want all of the quality with less of the hype.

Lake Tahoe is out of the way for most Hell’s Kitchen fans, but it could be well worth the journey for the cheap prices and comparable quality to the Las Vegas location. While you probably won’t catch a glimpse of the shouty British chef at this low key location, it seems you’ll still get a fulfilling Hell’s Kitchen experience, with a view of the slopes to boot.

Hell’s Kitchen airs Thursdays at 8 pm ET on Fox.

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