Hellmann’s discontinues ‘best sauce EVER’ & says there’s NO plans to bring it back as fans beg the brand to reconsider

HELLMANN’S fans were devastated to learn the “best sauce EVER” is gone for good – and begged the brand to bring it back.

The company shocked customers when they announced the removal of an incredibly popular flavour on X/Twitter.


The sauce creators added that the discontinuation was due to ‘restrictions as a result of the pandemic’Credit: Hellmann

Baffled shoppers started to wonder why their favourite addition to lunchtime sandwiches – Hellmann’s Dijionnaise – was so hard to track down on the shelves.

“Why is this impossible to find? There are a huge number of posts on social media and on Hellmann’s our Dijonnaise webpage decrying the fact that it is not available anywhere. Please advise as to where one can find it,” penned one concerned fan.

Tragically the household-name brand imparted the bad news and wrote: “We’re sorry to share that our Dijonnaise was discontinued. We’ll let our team know you’ve asked about it, though.”

The sauce creators added that the discontinuation was due to “restrictions as a result of the pandemic”.

And, to add insult to injury, Hellmann’s crushed any hope their fans would see it return.

“We don’t have plans to bring it back, but we’ll be sure to let our team know you’ve asked about it,” they said to one disappointed shopper.

Brits penned their love for the condiment before it left supermarkets permanently.

“Dijonnaise. Best. Condiment. Ever. Goes with almost anything. Chips. Sausage. Ham sarnie. Cheese toastie,” wrote one.

“Nothing beats my Hellmann’s Dijonnaise,” agreed a second.

Another added: “When I opened up my lunchbox and saw that my mother had made that ham sandwich with new Hellmann’s Dijonnaise, I knew I was in love.”

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Others described is as their “favourite sandwich” spread and the “winner in mustards”.

One confused shopper couldn’t comprehend why such a popular sauce had vanished for good: “Why was it discontinued? Can you at least release a recipe using Hellmann’s Mayo to make our own? I need Dijonnaise.”

It comes after other major brands have been discontinuing much-loved products.

Heinz fans were distraught after learning one of the nations’ favourite sauces has been removed from shelves permanently.

The much-loved brand confirmed a popular flavour had been discontinued after confused Brits failed to find it in the shops.

It was revealed their Firecracker Sauce, loved for its BBQ and chilli flavours, was no longer available for elevating burgers and marinating meat.

Meanwhile, chocolate lovers were devastated when Cadbury removed a popular Christmas treat.

The chocolate giant confirmed on X/Twitter that the Cadbury Snaps have been officially discontinued.

But a promising alternative has been spotted at Costco just in time for the festive season, much to customers’ delight.

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