Heavenly Kimes Daughter: Who Is Alaura Kimes? Age, Job

dr. Heavenly Kimes from the TV show married to medicine he had a lot to say about his daughter Alaura Kimes’ latest hair change. As the head of Heavenly Beauty salon, Dr. Heavenly knows a lot about beauty, and it’s also clear from her latest Instagram post that when she has an opinion on something, she’s not afraid to say it out loud. Find out what she said to her and other details about Heavenly Kimes’ daughter, Alaura Kimes, in the following article.

Meet Alaura Kimes, married to the daughter of Medicine Star Heavenly Kimes

In a first look at the season 9 premiere married to medicinedr. Heavenly Kimes shared some recent events in Alaura’s life as she is about to graduate from high school.

While Heavenly met up with her daughter in the Season 9 preview, she told her that they needed to discuss Alaura’s work schedule, which included several hours at Dr. Heavenly’s beauty supply store, Heavenly Beauty.

In an interview on the July 10 (2022) episode, Heavenly shared that Alaura was given a major role in the beauty salon. married to medicine The star was also happy that her daughter had a job to pursue.

Just a few days after being given a new responsibility at the Heavenly store, Alaura Kimes got a new haircut and her mom made a big splash.

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Posting a video to her Instagram on July 15, Heavenly showed her daughter in a salon chair changing her hairstyle while grooming her locks. In the video, Dr. Heavenly asks the hairdresser why her daughter’s hair was orange, and when the doctor came over to show her Alaura’s latest look, she covered her hair with a towel.

At the end of the video, Alaura’s hairdresser promised that she would look great and luckily it seems she was right. The next day, Heavenly shared a brilliant photo of Alaura’s hair and the fresh color of hers suited her perfectly.

Who is the father of Alaura Kimes?

Alaura Kimes’s father is Dr. Damon Kimes. He has degrees in psychology and chemistry from Case Western Reserve University. Damon later earned his MD (Medical Doctor) from Meharry Medical School.

Damon’s LinkedIn profile shows that he has served as CEO/President of Regatta Professional Staffing since 2011. He also served as Medical Director at Roswell Pain Specialists/Roswell Pain Surgical Center. As CMO, his responsibilities include international pain management practice and review of all changes and updates to medical protocols.

Furthermore, Damon is also the owner of Regatta Records.

Alaura’s parents met in the early 1990s while they were both attending Meharry Medical College. According to Heavenly’s Facebook, the two got married on August 16, 2013. While celebrating their 16th wedding anniversary, Heavenly took to Facebook on August 16, 2013, and shared that marrying Damon was one of the best decisions she’s ever made. taken.

In addition to her parents, Alaura Kimes also has two brothers in her family, Zachary and Damon Jr. In a July 8, 2020 Instagram post, Heavenly shared that her middle son Zachary (currently 21) has obtained his estate license. roots in the middle of the medical school. In 2020, Alaura’s older brother, Damon Kimes Jr., also graduated from college.

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It was by Alaura Kimes

married to medicine star Alaura Kimes turned 16 in July 2022 September 18, 2021 Alaura’s mom Heavenly Kimes threw the sweetest 16th birthday party at The Ritz-Carlton in Atlanta.

Work of Alaura Kimes

As we all know by now, Alaura Kimes is very close to graduating from high school. Maybe that’s why Heavenly asked her daughter to spend a few hours at the Heavenly Beauty store.

As a high school senior, Alaura attended her prom in April 2022. Dr. Heavenly, much like Alaura herself, shared a glimpse of her prom gown on Instagram. As pictured, Alaura dazzled in a gorgeous pale pink off-the-shoulder gown with a plunging neckline and colorful sequin embellishments.

If you didn’t know, Alaura is also an aspiring actress. dr. On January 10, 2019, Heavenly took to Instagram and asked her followers to watch a movie titled Little because her daughter Alaura had a small role in it.

Is Alaura Kimes dating anyone?

While we still don’t know much about Alaura Kimes’ love life, it’s worth mentioning that Dr. Heavenly Kimes had a heart-to-heart with Alaura in 2019 in which she said she didn’t want her daughter to date until she was 22.

Shocked by her mother’s suggestion that 22 was the perfect age to start dating, Alaura quickly turned on her mother, asking when she had her first boyfriend, to which Heavenly replied that she had her first boyfriend. at 15.

In the same conversation, Alaura also suggested that 15 should be the perfect age to start a relationship because she has to go to prom with someone. dr. Heavenly then offered Alaura’s older brother as a proposal.

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  • Where does Laura Kimes live?

Alaura currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Did Alaura Kimes appear in Married to Medicine?

Yes, Alaura Kimes makes frequent appearances on the show. married doctormy.

  • How tall is Alaura Kimes?

Alaura Kimes stands at a fairly short height of 5 feet 2 inches.

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