Heart touching video. The caring horse sees its owner crying and tries to comfort it

Although it seems that only humans can sense human sadness or happiness, animals have proven to be good friends. They always help those in need.

They are always there to comfort and share sadness or joy with their owners. We think dogs are affectionate, but horses can behave in ways that surprise you.

This video is real proof that wild animals have emotions too. The young girl wanted to see it with her own eyes, so she pretended to be upset and started crying.

She just wanted to understand how the horse would react. The horse was enjoying its meal when it heard its owner cry.

The horse left the meal and went to see what had happened. The horse comforted its owner in such a sweet way. The horse brought the young girl a piece of hay.

The young girl sat down on the ground, and the horse came to him and tried his best to comfort the girl. The scene is so moving and emotional.

Here is the video:

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