Meet Ruby Winston, Ben Winston’s Daughter and Harry Styles’ Goddaughter

Ruby Winston is Ben Winston’s daughter and Harry Styles’ goddaughter. She was born on the 5th day of December 2016 and is presently 6 years old.

Even though Ruby’s parents, Ben Winston and Meredith Winston, are notable figures in the entertainment industry, she gained mainstream recognition through her Godfather, Harry Styles. The British singer featured Ruby on his 2022 song “As It Was”, which is the lead single from his third studio album titled Harry’s House.

The album received critical acclaim and went on to win various coveted awards, including three Grammy Awards. With that, more and more people have become curious about Ruby, whose voice was heard in the lead single of the album.

How Old is Harry Styles’ Goddaughter Ruby?

Harry Styles’ Goddaughter Ruby Winston is 6 years old at the moment. Reports have it that she was born in London, England, United Kingdom, on the 5th of December 2016. Given her date of birth, Ruby’s birth sign is Sagittarius.

Those who believe people’s birth sign defines their behavior would expect Ruby to be full of optimism and very direct in expressing herself. People of the zodiac sign are also believed to be adventurous risk-takers.

Ruby Winston is a citizen of the United Kingdom, and she belongs to the British Jew ethnic group. Harry Style’s Goddaughter is in elementary school at the moment. As such, she is yet to know or decide on what she wants to do for a living.

Ruby is not the only child of her parents. She has a younger sister named Grace Winston. That’s all that is known about her sibling, as her parents are quite protective of them.

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Who is Ruby Winston’s Dad?

Ruby Winston’s father is Ben Winston, a famous British producer, and director. Ben is one of the three children born to Lord Winston and Lira Helen Feigenbaum. His father is a popular British professor, medical doctor, scientist, and television presenter. Ben was raised Jewish alongside his two siblings, Joel and Tanya.

After he graduated from secondary school, he attended the University of Leeds, where he obtained a degree in Broadcasting in 2004. The following year, he partnered with Gabe Turner, Ben Turner, and Leo Pearlman to establish Fulwell 73, a television, film, and music production company based in London. Fulwell 73 has been the foundation upon which the pinnacle of his career is rooted.

Ruby’s dad has directed and produced several projects through his production company. Some of his notable works include Gary Barlow: On Her Majesty’s Service (2012), Friends: The Reunion (2021), The Michael McIntyre Chat Show (2014), One Direction: Where We Are – The Concert Film (2014), and Bruno Mars: 24K Magic Live at the Apollo (2018). Ben has also produced notable industry awards events like The Brit Awards, Grammy Awards, and Tony Awards.

Ben and Meredith Winston
Ben and Meredith Winston image source

Ruby’s Parents Have Been Married Since 2010

Ruby Winston’s father, Ben Winston, got married to her mother, Meredith Winston, sometime in 2010. Much isn’t known about Ruby’s mom Meredith, but she is a popular face in entertainment circles. She has often been seen hanging out with celebrities and at industry events with her husband.

Ben and Meredith have been married since 2010. They reportedly got married at Coworth Park Hotel, a lavish luxury hotel in Sunningdale, Ascot. Theirs was a lively Jewish wedding with several awesome moments. The wedding began with the Badeken ceremony that had Ben and the groomsmen sing and dance as they officially asked for Meredith’s hands in marriage in the presence of the guests.

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Thereafter, the couple was surprised by the appearance of Beverley Knight, who performed a song for the couple’s first dance. It is said that Meredith’s father, Harold Tillman, arranged for the surprise appearance of the famous English singer.

Ruby Winston is Harry Styles’ Goddaughter. The famous English singer had been friends with Ruby’s parents before she was born. So when she was born, they named Harry as her Godfather. As the story goes, Ruby’s father and Harry Styles first met in 2014.

At that time, Ben Winston was working as the executive producer of The X Factor in the United Kingdom. Harry was participating in the show, and that’s how they met and became friends.

Their friendship grew in the years that followed as Ruby’s father was involved in various projects of Harry Style’s former band – One Direction. Notably, he directed multiple music videos of the band, including the likes of “Night Changes”, “Best Day Ever”, “Midnight Memories”, and “You and I”. He also produced their 2013 documentary concert film, One Direction: This Is Us.

Per reports, Harry even lived with Ruby’s parents at some point for nearly two years. Confirming this, Ruby’s father told Rolling Stone that this was after the singer moved out of his mother’s home in Cheshire. Ben related that Harry was looking to buy a home around the area he lived with Meredith.

As the property required some work, Ruby’s parents invited Harry to live with them until the work at his new house was completed. What was meant to be for only two weeks ran into 20 months.

Ruby’s Voice Can Be Heard On Harry Styles’ Song – As It Was

The famous singer has been involved in Ruby’s life since she was born. As Ruby’s parents and Harry Styles had been close friends before she was born, they made the singer her godfather, and he has been living up to that.

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In 2022, the relationship between Ruby and Harry was thrust into the limelight. This was after the English singer used Ruby’s voice at the top of “As It Was”, the lead track of his third studio album.

Ruby can be heard saying: “Come on, Harry, we want to say goodnight to you!” before the song’s lyrics. People were so much enamored with the voice that Harry had to explain its source. He shared that it’s his goddaughter’s voice and explained that he didn’t plan to include it in the song.

According to him, Ruby used to call him before she goes to bed every night. On a certain night when she couldn’t reach him, she sent him a voice note. Harry fell in love with the note, and while he was in the studio recording the song, he pulled the note and placed it in front of the song, and that was it.

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