Hanni (NEWJEANS) Profile & Facts

Hanni (NEWJEANS) Profile & FactsHanni (NEWJEANS) Profile & FactsHanni (하니) is a member of NEWJEANS under ADOR.

Stage Name: Hanni (하니) Birth Name: Hanni PhamVietnamese Name: Phạm Ngọc HânBirthday: October 6, 2004Zodiac Sign: LibraChinese Zodiac Sign: MonkeyHeight: 161.7 cm (5’3”)Weight: -Blood Type: OMBTI Type: INFPNationality: Vietnamese-Australian

Hanni Facts: – She was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. – Hanni has a younger sister named Jasmine (born in 2007). – Hanni speaks Vietnamese, English, and Korean. – She was a part of the dance crew AEMINA Dance Crew based in Melbourne. – Fans nicknamed her Cherry ever she appeared in the “Permission To Dance” music video since at the time no one knew her name. – Hanni trained for 2 and a half years since 2020, but she passed the Big Hit Global Audition in October 2019. – She was a fan of One Direction when she was younger. – Her favorite movie genres are action and animated films. – Hanni plays the ukelele, and she started playing it after learning how to during music class in elementary school. – She loves bread so much she might as well introduce herself as “I’m a person that loves bread sold on airplanes.” – Hanni is a member of the baking club on Phoning (the app for NewJeans). – She likes watching movies so much that she watches at least one movie a week. – Some things she hates are apples that aren’t crunchy and spiders. – Hanni got into K-pop in 2013 through a famous reaction channel that reacted to Girls’ Generation’s “I Got A Boy” music video, which led her to liking the song and playing it a lot. – She likes eating Hawaiian pizza and mint chocolate. – Hanni likes taking pictures of clouds whether it’s strange, pretty, or cute. – Her nickname is Pigtails. – She loves wearing hoodies. – Hanni likes going for walks at night because of the cool atmosphere and temperature. – Even though she’s not good at sports, she enjoys playing it. – Her Baskin Robbins picks are almond bon bon and melon. – She likes watching all kinds of movies, but she really likes Marvel and action movies. – Hanni’s favorite colors are grey and mint. – Her hobbies are watching movies and vlogs. – She’s good at sleeping fast anywhere, even while sitting. – Hanni’s habit is holding in her laugh while she laughs, which makes a weird sound. – Her favorite foods are bread, meat, and everything. – Hanni’s favorite word is banana. – Hanni’s favorite seasons are all seasons except summer. – She currently has online classes for an Australian high school. – She participated in writting lyrics for Hype Boy and OMG (as she’s listed so on spotify songs’ credits). – She became Gucci’s global ambassador after not even 3 months of Newjeans’ debut and attended Gucci’s fall 2023 show during Milan fashion week. – Since February 2023 she’s also an ambassador for Armani Beauty. – She can play the ukulele and likes doing so.

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