Half Baked 2 Sees Return of Original Movie’s Mary Jane Actor

Stoner comedy sequel is coming medium rare 2 Rachel True will reprise her original role. The right Mary Jane Portman in the 1998 movie half baked, starring Dave Chappelle, Jim Brewer, Harlan Williams, and Guillermo Diaz as a group of friends who enjoy smoking marijuana. She is Chappelle’s Thurgood’s lover, which raises the issue that despite the suggestive name, she is vehemently opposed to drugs.

All duration, medium rare 2 Just finished production in Baton Rouge. The film will have a non-theatrical release in 2023 and True has already been announced (she is perhaps best known for her role in the 1996 teen film). handmade) officially took on the role of Mary Jane. So far, she’s the only returning cast member confirmed for a lead role, though Williams will also make a special appearance.

Everything we know about Half Baked 2

Although Williams and True are the only official on-screen connection to the original half baked, the film will also pay tribute in the plot. The plot will follow JR (Peacock’s Dexter Darden) saved by the bell reboot series), son of Thurgood Jenkins. after his friend bruce (joel courtney) kiss booth Trilogy) dies from smoking a potent marijuana, and he teams up with his friend Miles (Moses Storm) Unfriend) and Cori (Netflix’s Ramona Young I never) to raise enough money to bury him.

The film is produced by naked And haunted house Director Michael Tedes has worked with star Marlon Wayans no less than five times, initially as an assistant in white chicken And little boy.Writer Justin Hires has a similar pedigree, having credits like The movie 21 street jumps, key and shell,as Peak television adaptation. Cast also includes Ash Santos American Horror Story and David Koechner office And Host: The Legend of Ron Burgundycomedian Jeff Ross and intermediary Star Frankie Muniz.

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Why is Half Baked 2 not released?

Sequels years later are common in modern filmmaking, including events like Top Gun: Maverick, screaming 2022 and next year Family reunion restart. But despite this, there are currently no plans medium rare 2 In the theater. The reason for this could be because the original film was a huge success, garnering most of its fame on home video. The film made a respectable $17.5 million in theaters, but it barely doubled its $8 million budget and finished sixth in its opening weekend. a resounding success like a blockbuster Titanic And good hunting. Rather than risk an expensive theatrical release, producers may want to see if the sequel can replicate the original’s formula as quickly and directly as possible.

Source: Deadline

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