GTA 6’s Protagonist May Have A Cool Connection To Tommy Vercetti (Theory)

Tommy Vercetti has been known to be one of Rockstar’s most dangerous characters, but he may have an unexpected connection with someone. car thief 6protagonist. With the series returning to Vice City, it wouldn’t be surprising if the old gangster reappeared, and if so, his return would be even more shocking if he had a connection to one of the New main character.

So far, very little is known about the main character car thief 6 Job. The duo consists of a man named Jason and a woman named Lucia, and the two of them are a team. They might have something like car theft 5Quickly switching protagonists promises some interesting quests, but Jason, Lucia and car theft 5 Playable characters are also possible.

Lucia could be Tommy Vercetti’s daughter

In order for Lucia to be Tommy’s daughter, the game’s timelines must match. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City The story takes place in 1986 and the aesthetic of the 80s game is clear. Tommy was born in 1951 in town.

Despite what happened to Tommy later town Don’t know, since he’s been in prison for 15 years, there’s no way he’d have a baby before the game. Lucia would have to have been born sometime after 1986 for this theory to hold water.

car thief 6 Since it’s set in a more modern version of Vice City, it could theoretically take place in 2023. Judging by the time interval between the events of the two races, this means that Lucia can only be at the age of 37 to become Tommy’s daughter.

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Because the outside world doesn’t reveal much information car thief 6Details about the main character leaked, her age is currently unknown but also seems to be in the approximate range, which seems reasonable. Tommy hasn’t reached middle age yet town Happened to have been a few years when he could have had Lucia.

GTA: Vice City could be Lucia’s mother candidate

Mercedes Cortes from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Since the timeline allows Tommy to potentially be Lucia’s father, another question arises about her origins. Tommy is Italian, but Lucia is Latin, so for this theory to work, Lucia’s mother must also be Latin. Destiny, ah town One character that could return isn’t just Latina, she’s probably the best choice for lover Tommy could have.

Mercedes Cortez is the daughter of Juan Cortez, Tommy’s friend, and she plays a prominent role in several of the game’s missions. While not the main character, she does have a flirty relationship with Tommy, who seems to be at least somewhat reciprocated. Although the two of them never became an official couple during the race, Tommy’s conversation with Juan at the end of the race suggests that he and Mercedes at least kept in touch. If Tommy and Mercedes’ relationship is deeper than it is shown, then Lucia could be their previously unknown daughter.

If Mercedes is Lucia’s mother, there is also the question of whether Tommy knew of Lucia’s existence. car thief 6 If done right, the series becomes a unique story. He may have lost or severed ties with Mercedes, as he did with Ken before San Andreas. Regardless of the answer to this question, one thing is clear. If Lucia is Tommy’s daughter, then Mercedes is the perfect mother for her.

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Lucia as Tommy’s daughter can influence GTA 6’s plot

Tommy Vercetti with a gun in Grand Theft Auto with 2 luxury cars in the back

If Lucia was Tommy Vercetti’s daughter, it would definitely be in the story car thief 6After all, she’s back in the city her father fled from the shadows in the 1980s, whether she knows it or not. If Tommy was alive, the two of them would have to meet at some point. The real question is how such a meeting would be conducted.

One possibility is that the player can see one of the Grand Theft AutoThe biggest crime mastermind acts to protect his estranged daughter, even though he may not be as strong as before. Then he will be old car thief 6, but he wants to use his remaining power and influence to help her, which would be an interesting scene. Tommy, on the other hand, can take a stand against her encroachment into his territory, which has the potential to shake Lucia to the core. It’s also possible that both are possible, with Tommy starting to get aggressive and then changing his mind after realizing who Lucia really is.

Revealing Tommy’s origins will be a huge development, especially in terms of how he will react. town He doesn’t spend much time showing Tommy anything other than belligerence and ambition, so a discovery like this could show a new side of him. Though it’s easy to make Tommy the villain car thief 6letting him play a father shows that his character is so much more than that.

If Lucia turns out to be Tommy’s daughter, this could be one of the funniest parts car thief 6the story of s. Although such a turning point might surprise many players, the important thing is Grand Theft Auto Writers write about territory they have never written before. For this reason, Lucia is Tommy’s daughter car thief 6 It will be a great turning point.

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